All-Cause Death Rate 52 Times Higher Among Vaccinated Children Than Unvaccinated Children

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05/10/2022 / By Zoey Sky

Data from the Office for National Statistics in the U.K. showed that British children aged 10 to 14 injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine had an all-cause death rate of 238 per 100,000 from January 1 to October 31, 2021.

That was about 52 times higher than the death rate among unvaccinated children from the same age group, which was only 4.58 per 100,000.

Vaccinated children around the world developing hepatitis of unknown origin

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported last month that 169 children aged one month to 16 years had developed “acute hepatitis of unknown origin.” Most of the children were from the U.K., Europe and Israel.

The U.K. Health Security Agency also updated its data recently, adding 34 more cases to its tally. Ten of the children required liver transplants.

Australia is also reporting a few mysterious cases of hepatitis in children. Some case studies are chronicling post-injection autoimmune hepatitis.

Some of the youngest children included in the studies are victims of poisoned breast milk from their fully-vaccinated mothers. One possible case is that of three-year-old Lola Rose Raine from the United Kingdom. The child’s father, Alan Raine, had to donate part of his liver to save his daughter when she developed hepatitis and liver failure of unknown origin.

In Fort Worth, Texas, Brooke Scogin said she breastfed her children because she wanted to transmit the spike proteins in COVID-19 vaccines to them since they’re too young to get vaccinated.

Despite the absurdity of this harmful act, even alleged health experts support Scogin’s actions. According to Dr. Lori Atkins, a Fort Worth OB-GYN with FENOM Women’s Care, that was a “great idea.” She added that many other women have continued to breastfeed their children for “extra protection.”

Atkins also mentioned a patient who wasn’t able to get vaccinated until after she delivered her baby. Like Scogin, this patient will also nurse her child for as long as possible. (Related: Pfizer wants to give children aged 5 to 11 COVID-19 vaccine booster.) < continue reading & to watch video