Attacks on Food Supply Continue, as Mainstream Media Blame “Intense Heat” for 10,000 Dead Cows in Kansas

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The following photograph is from a Walmart in Omaha, Nebraska on June 17.

Images like this are regular occurrences across the United States. We wrote about the targeted attacks on food processing plants, particularly chicken farms across the globe a couple months ago. Even if you can find chicken in any form (frozen or otherwise), expect to pay a lot more than you were paying one year ago.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI aka the government measure for “inflation”) hit 40-year highs in April, and continues rising every month. The all-items CPI increased again to 8.6% for the twelve months ending in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The food index alone increased 10.1% in May, representing the first double-digit, 12-month increase since 1981. Energy prices rose 34.6% in the last 12-month period, the largest increase since 2005. < continue reading & to watch videos