WATCH: US nuclear tests show what END OF THE WORLD could look like if WW3 broke out

DECLASSIFIED US nuclear tests from the 1950s have been released to the public and show what the end of the world could look like if nuclear war broke out.
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Demographic calamity facing Europe

Tick bloody tock.

How Many Muslims in Europe? Pew’s Projections Fall Short

by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, December 14, 2017 at 5:00 am

  • Pew’s baseline estimate of the number of Muslims currently in Europe — the estimate upon which its future projections are calculated — has been undercounted by at least five million Muslims.
  • The UCIDE figures — which posit that there are roughly 750,000 more Muslims in Spain today than the estimate proffered by Pew — are widely recognized in Spain as the most accurate assessment of the Muslim population in that country. It remains unclear why Pew failed to mention the UCIDE report in its source appendix.
  • In Germany, Pew “decided not to count” the one million plus Muslim asylum seekers who arrived in the country in 2015/2016 because “they are not expected to receive refugee status.”
  • The Pew report entirely ignores the key issue of how Europe will integrate tens of millions of Muslim migrants whose values — including anti-Semitism, polygamy, female genital mutilation and honor violence — cannot be reconciled with those of Europe’s Judeo-Christian and liberal-democratic heritage.

Europe’s Muslim population is set to double — and possibly triple — between now and 2050, according to new projections by the Pew Research Center.

The projections, contained in a report, “Europe’s Growing Muslim Population,” confirm what has long been common knowledge: decades of declining European birthrates, coupled with mass migration from the Muslim world, are fast-tracking the Islamization of Europe.

The demographic calamity facing Europe, however, is even worse than the Pew report lets on. A critical analysis of the data shows that Pew’s calculations of the current Muslim population in key European countries are partial and incomplete — and in some instances inaccurate. As a result, Pew’s baseline estimate of the number of Muslims currently in Europe — the estimate upon which its future projections are calculated — has been undercounted by at least five million Muslims, whose presence in Europe will significantly increase the future size of the continent’s Muslim population.

The Pew report offers three projections based on three different scenarios involving migration during the next three decades. The baseline for all three scenarios is the Muslim population in Europe (defined by Pew as the 28 countries presently in the European Union, plus Norway and Switzerland), estimated at 25.8 million (4.9% of the overall population) as of mid-2016 — up from 19.5 million (3.8%) in 2010.

The first scenario envisions a complete halt to Muslim immigration between now and 2050. This scenario will not occur, of course, but was modeled to determine what the future might look like with migration removed from the equation.

In this scenario, Europe’s Muslim population is projected to increase by about 10 million people, from an estimated 25.8 million Muslims in 2016 to 35.8 million in 2050. In percentage terms, the Muslim population would rise from about 5% of Europe’s overall population today to 7.4% at midcentury — not only because Muslims are growing in absolute numbers, but because the non-Muslim population in Europe is expected to decline by roughly 10%.

A second, “medium” migration scenario assumes that all refugee flows will stop as of mid-2016 but that recent levels of “regular” migration to Europe will continue (that is, migration of those who come for reasons other than seeking asylum). This is the scenario most likely to occur, according to Pew. Under these conditions, the number of Muslims in Europe could reach 57.9 million, or 11.2% of Europe’s population in 2050.

Finally, a “high” migration scenario projects the record flow of refugees into Europe between 2014 and 2016 to continue indefinitely into the future with the same religious composition — namely Islamic — in addition to the typical annual flow of regular migrants. In this scenario, the number of Muslims could reach 75.6 million, or 14% of Europe’s population by 2050 — nearly triple the current share.

The impact of these scenarios on different European countries is astounding: Under the high-migration scenario, for instance, the Muslim population of Sweden — a formerly homogeneous Christian country — would reach nearly one-third (30.6%) of the overall population by 2050, followed by Cyprus (28.3%), Austria (19.9%), Germany (19.7%), Belgium (18.2%), France (18%), Norway (17%), Britain (16.7%), Denmark (16%), Netherlands (15.2%), Finland (15%) and Italy (14.1%).

The raw numbers are equally jarring:

  • In Germany, the Muslim population would increase from 4,950,000 (6%) today to 17,490,000 (around 20%) by 2050 in the high scenario, compared to 11% in the medium scenario and 9% with no further Muslim migration.
  • In France, the Muslim population would increase from 5,720,000 (8.8%) today to 13,210,000 (18%) by 2050 in the high scenario, compared with 17.4% in the medium scenario and 12.7% with no further Muslim migration.
  • In Britain, the Muslim population would increase from 4,130,000 (6.3%) today to 13,480,000 (17.2%) in the high scenario, compared to 6.7% in the medium scenario and 9.7% with no further Muslim migration.
  • In Belgium, the Muslim population would increase from 870,000 (7.6%) today to 2,580,000 (18.2%) in the high scenario, compared to 15.1% in the medium scenario and 11.1% with no further Muslim migration.

The report’s authors acknowledge that no one can know today what Europe’s Muslim population of Europe will be in 2050, but they claim to know, more or less, the size of Europe’s Muslim population today. In this aspect, some of Pew’s calculations — which are said to be based on “analysis and projections of the best available census and survey data in each country combined with data on immigration from Eurostat and other sources” — fall short.

In Spain, for instance, Pew estimates the current Muslim population at 1,180,000 or 2.6% of the overall population. The Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de España, UCIDE), however, estimates that Spain’s Muslim population at the end of 2016 was 1,919,141, or 4.1% of the overall population.

The UCIDE figures — which posit that there are roughly 750,000 more Muslims in Spain today than the estimate proffered by Pew — are widely recognized in Spain as the most accurate assessment of the Muslim population in that country. It remains unclear why Pew failed to mention the UCIDE report in its source appendix.

The different estimates of the Muslim population in Spain today yield significantly different projections of Spain’s Muslim population in 2050. According to Pew, Spain’s Muslim population would increase from 1,180,000 (2.6%) today to 2,810,000 (7.2%) by 2050 in the high scenario, compared to 2,660,000 (6.8%) in the medium scenario and 1,880,000 (4.2%) with no further Muslim migration.

Applying Pew’s projections to UCIDE’s data, however, Spain’s Muslim population would increase from 1,919,141 (4.1%) today to 4,570,242 (11.7%) by 2050 in the high scenario, compared to 4,326,128 (11%) in the medium scenario and 3,057,575 (6.9%) with no further Muslim migration.

In other words, the roughly 750,000 additional Muslims estimated by UCIDE in 2016 would — in the high scenario — yield around 1.8 million more Muslims in Spain by 2050 than projected by Pew.

In Austria, Pew estimates the current Muslim population at 600,000, or 6.9% of the overall population. However, the Austrian Integration Fund (Österreichische Integrationsfonds, ÖIF), an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, estimatesAustria’s Muslim population at 700,000, or 7.9%. The difference of 100,000 Muslims, seemingly insignificant, will — in the high scenario — yield 350,000 more Muslims in Austria by 2050 than projected by Pew. In percentage terms, Austria’s Muslim population would be nearly 25% according to the ÖIF, compared to 19.9% according to Pew.

In France, Pew estimates the current Muslim population at 5,720,000, but it admits that “France hasn’t measured religion in a nationwide census since 1872.” Nevertheless, Pew assures readers that “it is nonetheless still possible to measure religious identity and practice in France.”

No one, in fact, knows the exact number of Muslims in France. What is known, however, is that millions of Muslims in France are permanently hidden from the official statistics. French analyst Yves Mamou explains:

“This figure [six million] does even not take into consideration the Muslim population that immigrated to France from North Africa in the 1960s and early 1970s. There are a few million of them — nobody knows how many exactly. They became French very early, and for demographers, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are not regarded as immigrants anymore. These Muslims are, rather, integrated into statistics as French citizens born of French parents. They are Muslim, but under the statistics radar.”

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

In Germany, Pew “decided not to count” the one million plus Muslim asylum seekers who arrived in the country in 2015/2016 because “they are not expected to receive refugee status.” Pew assumes they will either return to their countries of origin or be deported, even though Germany is notoriously lax in deporting illegal migrants. In fact, tens of thousands of migrants, including many convicted criminals, have been allowed to continue to live in Germany, often for decades, after receiving deportation orders.

Moreover, German authorities have admitted to losing track of potentially hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom are believed to be sustaining themselves on a steady diet of drug dealing, pickpocketing, purse snatching and other forms of petty crime, and who are responsible for the across-the-board increase of lawlessness on German streets.

Pew’s analysis of the number of asylum seekers in Europe is highly confusing and virtually unintelligible to the lay reader. Much of the problem lies in the fact that the statistics compiled by European governments are incomplete and often contradictory. This confusion is compounded by nuances in how to define different categories of migrants, including regular migrants entering legally as workers and students, asylum seekers and refugees, as well as illegal migrants posing as refugees. Still, Pew’s failure to provide clarity is exemplified in the following paragraph:

“Between the beginning of 2014 and mid-2016 – a stretch of only two and a half years – roughly three times as many refugees (1.2 million, or about 490,000 annually) came to Europe, as conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan continued or intensified. (These figures do not include an additional 970,000 Muslim asylum seekers and 680,000 non-Muslim asylum seekers who arrived between mid-2010 and mid-2016 but are not projected to receive legal status in Europe.)”

Pew admits that “we may be erring on the side of being too conservative in our overall estimates, because if significant numbers of those in legal limbo remain in Europe, their presence will have ripple effects increasing the future size of the continent’s Muslim population.”

More importantly, the Pew report downplays the societal effects of mass migration from the Muslim world by stressing that even if the Muslim population in Europe triples by 2050, it “will still considerably smaller than the populations of both Christians and people with no religion in Europe.” The report entirely ignores the key issue of how Europe will integrate tens of millions of Muslim migrants whose values — including anti-Semitism, polygamy, female genital mutilation and honor violence — cannot be reconciled with those of Europe’s Judeo-Christian and liberal-democratic heritage.

Read the rest here.

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Why It’s Becoming Increasingly Obvious Adam Schiff Probably Leaked Trump Jr.-WikiLeaks #FakeNews To CNN

In a letter sent to Congressman Michael Conaway (R-TX) this week, Donald Trump Jr. attorney Alan S. Futerfas, called for an investigation into leaks from the House Intelligence Committee, suggesting the individual who leaked the false WikiLeaks story did so knowingly.  

But first, here is a recap of the “story.”

The mainstream media embarrassed itself once again after it was caught pushing ‘Trump-Russia’ fake news. Both CNN and CBS fell for inaccurate reports alleging a WikiLeaks email was sent to Donald Trump Jr. with an encryption key to access future leaks.

However, WikiLeaks had tweeted a link to the information to the general public days before the email reached Trump Jr. inbox.

Washington Post reports:

A 2016 email sent to President Trump and top aides pointed the campaign to hacked documents from the Democratic National Committee that had already been made public by the group WikiLeaks a day earlier. The email — sent the afternoon of Sept. 14, 2016 — noted that “Wikileaks has uploaded another (huge 678 mb) archive of files from the DNC” and included a link and a “decryption key,” according to a copy obtained by The Washington Post. The writer, who said his name was Michael J. Erickson and described himself as the president of an aviation management company, sent the message to the then-Republican nominee as well as his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and other top advisers. The day before, WikiLeaks had tweeted links to what the group said was 678.4 megabytes of DNC documents. The full email — which was first described to CNN as being sent on Sept. 4, 10 days earlier — indicates that the writer may have simply been flagging information that was already widely available.

“The Sept. 14 email to Trump campaign advertising WikiLeaks emails promoted publicly available info, was riddled with typos and came from a Trump backer who had given $ 40 to the campaign months earlier, per email viewed by @WSJ,” confirmed Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Ballhaus. 

Now back to Futerfas’ letter to Conaway:

“From the moment the Erickson email story broke at 8 a.m. on Dec. 7 until the moment [CNN] issued [its] retraction at about 4 p.m. that same day, the individuals responsible for disseminating this inaccurate information to the press stood by and did nothing, all the while knowing that the story they had leaked was inaccurate and that the implications thereby suggested were grossly misleading,” wrote Futerfas.

“Republicans suspect that the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat, leaked the erroneous “scoop” to CNN. They say his staff regularly leaks, with CNN being a favorite, with a spin that is not accurate,”  

All eyes are on ranking member of the House Select Intel Committee Rep Adam Schiff as being the leaker.

James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal asked Monday, “Is CNN protecting Adam Schiff?”

That’s the hope anyway. In practice Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) rarely misses an opportunity to publicly characterize the non-public information that he claims to have seen. This raises the question of whether he’s violating the rules of the committee by discussing classified intelligence, or perhaps misleading the public about what he’s seen. Before giving him yet another platform to hurl allegations of treasonous behavior, journalists should first demand that he show up with some facts.

As previously reported, Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint against Ranking Member of the Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Jackie Speier for violating House ethics rules in April for disclosing “classified information to the public in violation of House ethics rules.”

As The Gateway Pundit‘s Cristina Laila pointed out on Friday, Schiff came unhinged after Mueller, Rosenstein and co. came under fire following reports about FBI agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages and revelations concerning Justice Department Bruce Ohr’s demotion for his contacts with Fusion GPS. It’s also plausible Schiff’s meltdown down is in part because of an effort by Trump Jr. to find the leaker.

Below is Schiff’s tweetstorm:

I’m increasingly worried Republicans will shut down the House Intelligence Committee investigation at the end of the month.  Here’s why:

“Since March, our investigation has made important progress. We’ve interviewed numerous key witnesses behind closed doors, held public hearings, reviewed thousands of documents, identified new leads — all to understand and expose Russia’s meddling and protect our democracy.”

“Yet, Republicans have scheduled no witnesses after next Friday and none in 2017. We have dozens of outstanding witnesses on key aspects of our investigation that they refuse to contact and many document requests they continue to sit on.”

“It appears Republicans want to conduct just enough interviews to give the impression of a serious investigation.”

“Next week, they scheduled critical witness interviews out of state, when we are voting on the tax bill and vital government funding bills and no Members will be able to ask questions, in an effort to squeeze them in before end of year. These witnesses are willing to come to DC.”

“Despite our repeated urging, Majority has declined to issue subpoenas in numerous avenues of the investigation, where there’s simply no other way to get the information. Some refusals we’ve made public, like witnesses hiding behind nonexistent privileges, many others we haven’t.”

“The responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation, or to prevent one, ultimately falls on @SpeakerRyan. I’m concerned he’s heeding the calls of Bannon and @POTUS to “DO SOMETHING” by closing down the Russia investigation & opening up another investigation of Hilary Clinton.”

“Beyond our investigation, here’s what has me really concerned: The attacks on Mueller, DOJ and FBI this week make it clear they plan to go after Mueller’s investigation. Aggressively and soon,” added Schiff.

“By shutting down the congressional investigations when they continue to discover new and important evidence, the White House can exert tremendous pressure to end or curtail Mueller’s investigation or cast doubt on it. We cannot let that happen,” Schiff concluded.

As Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller pointed out, CNN has yet to provide a full explanation as to why they published the story, opting instead to protect its sources. Reporters, some more direct than others, pointed to Rep. Schiff as being the source for the false story.

Jeffrey Blehar of Decision Desk HQ says sources have told him ‘Dems on the House Intelligence committee intentionally misled CNN to affect news cycle,’ in respect to the ‘massively botched,’ Donald Trump Jr. / WikiLeaks story. Some were more direct than others.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis tweeted, “If CNN is worried about its credibility, it will burn its source. If it wants to protect Adam Schiff and his political agenda, it’ll stay mum about who lied.”

Former NYPD officer and The Rebel radio host John Cardillo noted Rep. Adam Schiff “seems awfully nervous that his leaking might be investigated.”

“We see how well being a leaker went for Reince’s career,” added Cardillo.

The tweet was retweeted by Trump Jr., seemingly suggesting the president’s son believes the Democrat lawmaker was the leaker.

Nick Short of Michelle Malkin Investigates tweeted Fox News correspondent Ed Henry’s report about how “Schiff was seen leaving the room multiple times,” during Trump Jr.’s closed door testimony before House investigators.

“As Trump Jr. and his attorney said in a letter to the House Intel Committee this week, while DTJr was still being interviewed, “members of the committee and/or staff began selectively leaking information provided during the interview to various press outlets, most notably CNN,” tweeted Short.

“Moreover, after the interview, several members of the Minority, including Schiff, Speier and Swalwell, appeared on the news to discuss certain details of the interview in an attempt to discredit Trump Jr,” added Short.

The lawmaker’s office vehemently denied the charges, stating “Ranking Member Schiff and his staff do not leak classified or confidential information, and any disclosure of non-public information by the congressional committees undertaking investigations is singularly unhelpful.”

A frantic tweetstorm coupled with savvy media folks pointing the finger at Schiff amid an ongoing ethics complaint brought by justice-seeking missile Judicial Watch, makes it increasingly obvious that the old adage “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” applies to the Democrat lawmaker’s case as being the source of the false Trump Jr.-WikiLeaks story.

The post Why It’s Becoming Increasingly Obvious Adam Schiff Probably Leaked Trump Jr.-WikiLeaks #FakeNews To CNN appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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UNSPECIFIED, CHINA - FEBRUARY UNDATED: Landing ships of the People's Liberation Army Navy's South Sea Fleet drill in mid-February, 2017 in China. 10 landing ships of the PLA South Sea Fleet practise formation movement, formation defense, live fire of naval gun, joint search and rescue, simulated replenishment, air cushion getting in and out of mothership during a 5-day drill in mid-February. (Photo by Gu Yagen/CNSPHOTO/VCG)
Contents: China-Australia relations plummet over China’s illegal militarization of South China Sea; China reacts contemptuously to Australia’s foreign policy white paper; China continues aggressive military buildup in the South China Sea; Trump to target China’s unfair trade policies in National Security Strategy
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Peter Schweizer: ‘Conflicts Upon Conflicts Upon Conflicts of Interest’ in FBI Investigations of Trump and Clinton

Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer talked during his appearance on Friday’s Breitbart News Tonight with SiriusXM hosts Rebecca Mansour and John Carney about the discovery of politically charged text messages between Peter Strzok, an FBI official involved in both the Trump and Clinton investigations, and his mistress.
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Franken Replacement in Senate Is Former MN Planned Parenthood VP


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REPORT: Pro-Trump Vince McMahon May Relaunch Football League As NFL Kneeling Backlash Continues

The NFL has been on the losing end of the culture war since players from around the league began kneeling during the National Anthem. Started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the ill-placed form of protest has lead to failing stadium attendance, lackluster ratings and the scorn of the most powerful in the world — President Donald Trump. 

Like any good entrepreneur, WWE boss Vince McMahon may see an opportunity to capitalize on the credibility crisis plaguing the NFL.

CBS Sports reports:

There has been unsubstantiated talk about the XFL making a return for a short while now, but Brad Shepard reported late Friday night that WWE chairman Vince McMahon is so deep into considerations about reforming the league that there’s even a potential announcement date — Jan. 25, 2018. […]

In a statement shared with David Bixenspan of Deadspin, WWE clarified that it is not going back into the football business … but McMahon may well be doing just that on his own.

“Vince McMahon has established and is personally funding a separate entity from WWE, Alpha Entertainment, to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including professional football. Mr. McMahon has nothing further to announce at this time.”

“A WWE spokesperson issued the attached statement to me & @Deadspin in response to my inquiry about tonight’s rumors of a soon to be announced XFL revival. They declined further comment. Whatever Vince McMahon’s “Alpha Entertainment” is, it’s self-funded & separate from WWE,” tweeted Deadspin reporter David Bixenspan.

“Worth noting that the Alpha Entertainment statement came in response to me asking WWE to “confirm or deny” the XFL relaunch rumor,” added Bixenspan.

Linda McMahon who oversaw the WWE empire with her husband, donated $ 7 million to pro-Trump super PACs.

Ms. McMahon was later selected to run the Small Business Administration.

If McMahon goes through with relaunching a football league, he would be doing so as NFL ticket prices continue to slide.

If you wanted to check out the Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills game at New Era Field last Sunday, $ 2 would do the trick. Yes, you read that correctly. Just two measly dollars.

Week 15 ticket prices were painfully low for Thursday’s Broncos-Colts match up.

“Thursday night Broncos-Colts game are available for $ 5. No snow expected,” tweeted Siciliano Uno.

The Gateway Pundit covered the sea of empty seats at the Broncos-Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Entrepreneur Eddie Gill tweeted a photo during kickoff and plenty of navy blue seats can be seen.

Kickoff footage shows empty seats in the front row of the Broncos’ end zone.

Half way through the first quarter and Lucas Oil Stadium was still having major attendance issues.

“Meanwhile, Fox Sports was forced to advertise to find “fans” — or even actors — to fill seats for its pre-game broadcast for the L.A. Rams game, something that is ordinarily easy to do,” reported Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart News.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the casting call asked actors to “Come out, bring your spirit, your best NFL gear & join us for NFL on Fox this Sunday!”

Not only are tickets going for cheap at some games, but last Thursday’s television ratings show yet another decline, says The Hollywood Reporter. The overnight score shows a 14 percent drop compared to last season.

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