Brazilian Study Finds That Masks Are Useless Unless The Goal is Higher COVID-19 Deaths and Infections

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Protesters burn masks in Idaho, March 2021. PHOTO CREDIT: AM 740 KTRH.

SÃO PAULO — The Truth About Masks page on The COVID Blog™ has been the subject of much controversy since the site launched in January 2021. Several readers have emailed us saying Facebook and/or Twitter suspended their accounts after posting a link to the page. Others said they were fired from their jobs for refusing to wear masks despite showing their employers said page. It’s affected us internally as well.

PayPal banned COVID Legal USA and The COVID Blog™ from their platform on August 9, 2021. We knew why they did it – because we well the truth. But PayPal didn’t admit that until last month in arbitration documents. PayPal lawyers wrote that The COVID Blog™ “spreads disinformation about masks.” Thus the websites were banned.

The Truth About Masks page contains seven peer-reviewed studies, some dating back decades before so-called COVID-19, concluding that masks are useless or provide negligible protection in hospital settings and elsewhere. Our litigation with PayPal is ongoing. But we’ll see if rules of evidence prevail in an arbitration setting (not court) versus emotional, tribal vaxx zealotry among the corporation and the arbitrator. < continue reading