British Medical Journal: “Why Have So Many African Leaders Died of COVID-19?”



LONDON — The British Medical Journal (BMJ Global Health) published a study in April entitled “Why have so many African leaders died of COVID-19?” University of Edinburgh (Scotland) researchers found that 24 national government ministers and heads of state died of COVID-19 between February 6, 2020 and February 6, 2021. This demographic died of COVID-19 at a rate “seven times above estimates of the world’s average for a demographic profile of similar sex and age average for the same period,” according to the study.

Seventeen (17) of the 24 deaths were African ministers and heads of state. Researchers blamed several factors on this unusual trend, including low-quality healthcare, comorbidities, and higher overall mortality rates across the continent. They drew one more interesting conclusion about this strange phenomenon: < conmtinue reading

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