Canada: 9 in 10 COVID Deaths Had the Shot, Some Triple-Jabbed

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is fully inoculated with the COVID-19 jabs, but came down with COVID anyway, is scrambling to deal with a different issue: the uncomfortable fact that 9 in every 10 COVID deaths in Canada were also fully “vaccinated” — some, triple-jabbed.

Trudeau announced June 13, 2022, that he has COVID despite the shots. Even so, he is urging people to line up for another booster. The Canadian government is also using statistical maneuvers to hide the deaths by “providing a tally of cases, hospitalizations and deaths that stretches all the way back to December 14, 2020,” The Expose reports.

“By doing this they’re able to include a huge wave that occurred in January 2021 when just 0.3% of the population of Canada was considered fully vaccinated.” With charts and graphs and internet archive searches, The Expose provides the real truth about the number of fully-vaccinated people who are dying.


The Expose June 22, 2022 < for more articles