Carlotta Masala: 27-Year-Old Dies From Myocarditis Months After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine, Father Seeks Answers

SESTU, CAGLIARI – An autopsy has concluded that 27-year-old Carlotta Masala has died as a result of pulmonary edema linked to myocarditis. Carlotta, a sporty, sunny girl who had no previous health problems, was found dead by her father Francesco on Tuesday morning at their home in Sestu. The 27-year-old had received her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in August.

Francesco commented after her death on Tuesday:

“Carlotta is gone. The rescuers said she died of natural causes.

Let me be clear: my daughter was healthy. She loved sports and photography. She had the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in August.” < continue reading & to watch video

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