Casey Hodgkinson: 23-Year-old New Zealand Woman Suffering Uncontrollable Convulsions, Loses Ability to Walk, Talk Days After First Pfizer mRNA Injection

AUCKLAND — A 23-year-old warehouse worker did what her employer and government told her to do, in order to keep her job. Now she can no longer work and her prognosis is grim.

Ms. Casey Hodgkinson received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on September 25, according to her Facebook page. The adverse effects were severe and immediate. Her tongue went completely numb within an hour, followed by minor convulsions. The next day, her arms and legs went numb. Despite all that was going on, Ms. Hodgkinson tried to maintain normalcy. She went to work at Mighty Ape, an online retailer in New Zealand, on Monday, September 27. She works in the warehouse as an order picker and packer via a temp agency. < continue reading & to watch videos

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