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Bombing at FedEx in Texas: Part of Austin Bomber series?

A package destined for Austin, Texas blew up in a FedEx facility just after midnight in Schertz, just down Interstate 35 from the state capital where four other bombings have taken place over the last three weeks. The bomb contained nails or similar shrapnel devices, but the only injury reported thus far resulted from the sound

Canada struggling with the ‘new normal’ of illegal immigration

Canada has been dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border. Both Jazz and I have written about this situation before but today Reuters published some numbers giving a big picture view of the problem Canada is facing. Before we get to that, I’ll just remind that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited

“Walking Dead” grumble thread: Hey there, Georgie girl

I keep forgetting that not only is there a long line of “Walking Dead” comics but that many fans of the show are way ahead of the plot because of them. The show and the comics don’t track perfectly (Carl’s still alive in the comics, for one thing) but they track well enough that people

Oh, great. Now we have to worry about child sex robots

Mankind has an unfailing ability to absolutely ruin every new technological advancement that comes along. No sooner had somebody figured out that you could probably generate electrical power with a controlled nuclear reaction, somebody else came along and built a bomb out of it before we could generate enough juice to light up the first

College student given the boot for claiming there are only two genders

There’s a hearing scheduled for today at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) which should bear watching. Lake Ingle, a senior at the school, is set for a showdown with Dr. Allison Downie, his professor in Special Topics In Christianity. She kicked Lake out of her class a while back for being “disruptive” and disturbing his

In Spain, two rappers heading to prison for “insulting the King”

Lately, whenever we’ve wound up covering stories out of Spain, they’ve been related to the Catalan independence movement. Today, however, the lens swings away from that region and back to Madrid. There was a concert held there recently by various artists including a rap musician named Josep Miquel Arenas, better known as Valtonyc. The show