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Swedish Police Now Deploying Drones to Monitor Crime

Police in Malmö, Sweden, are deploying drones to monitor the city “around the clock” amid a surge in crime.“Multicultural Malmö, from which Swedes now flee due to social decay and extreme crime, is increasingly starting to… Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind! < click to continue reading

Holiday: A convenience store Christmas

By: Simone Slykhous Last-minute gifts you can grab on the go. The holiday season is fast approaching. For some people, their lists have been completed since Labor Day. For others, the last couple of weeks before Christmas… BizPac Review < click to continue reading

“Impeachment Poker”

by Ben Garrison The Democrats hold no viable hand in their game to remove Trump from office. Regardless, they’re going ‘all in’ on impeachment. They can’t win. President Trump is holding the winning cards. < click to continue reading

Senate Could Dismiss the Fake Impeachment

The Senate could dismiss the impeachment. Wouldn’t that be a rip? The problem is there might not be the votes for it even though this impeachment is unconstitutional. You can’t just make up crimes and that is… Independent Sentinel < click to continue reading

Taxes, Social Security, And Where Both Sides Agree

by Samuel Di Gangi There exists many discussions today about taxing the rich, an idea which usually sounds good, but in reality sometimes devolves with unintended consequences once applied. Most of the Democrats on stage during the debates seem as if they are willing to give away anything in order to get elected, even if