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Migrants Burn Swastika US Flag As Caravan Invasion Beats Mexico

Although American immigrants used to cry and thank God when they arrived at Ellis Island, citizens are now seeing an invasion force of military age men marching through Central America on an illegal incursion mission. The Associated Press posted an image of these ‘asylum seekers’ actually burning an American flag on which they had painted

College Scraps Homecoming King, Queen For Gender-Neutral Titles

Authored by Jacob Floam via Campus Reform, Administrators at Stony Brook University (SBU) in New York caved to pressure from activists on the Student Affairs Homecoming Committee to get rid of the homecoming king and queen titles, traditions since 1984, and replace them with three “Stony Brook Royals.”  The change, which was originally reported by Stony Brook News,

American Mexican Arrested As Migrant Invasion ‘Welcomed’

If it weren’t abundantly clear that the migrant caravan was really an organized invasion of the United States, the fact that an ‘immigrant activist’ who was involved in the last illegal incursion was arrested in Mexico for organizing the ‘movement’ should remove all doubt. Irineo Mujica, who helped organize the last batch of invaders, was arrested

HEITKAMP’S HUSTLE: Shocking Video Exposes Heidi Heitkamp’s Outright LIES to Voters

HEITKAMP’S HUSTLE: Shocking Video Exposes Heidi Heitkamp’s Outright LIES to Voters Shocking new footage released by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas continues to expose the stunning length Democratic lawmakers are willing to go to retake Congress; revealing Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s desperate attempts to mislead North Dakota voters. The explosive video shows campaign staffers admitting the

Trump on Khashoggi: This is one of the worst cover-ups in history

Man, he’s really leaving MAGA Nation out on a limb here. For two weeks they’ve been spinning the Khashoggi murder for him every which way. Maybe the Turks and their sleazy autocratic leader are lying, maybe Khashoggi’s a jihadist and therefore had it coming, maybe one death just doesn’t matter when containing Iran and $

Whoops: Image Of Dem Candidate Burning Flag Resurfaces

In what appears to be an effort to diffuse the disgust of voters by the mainstream media and the scandal plagued Democrat Candidate Stacey Abrams, a number of articles and her own campaign statement have defended Abrams for her ‘activism’ in 1992. That was when she burned the Georgia state flag on the steps of

NATIONAL IMMUNIZATION ALERT: Zoster Shingles vaccines and non-seasonal flu vaccines are NOT COVERED by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

(Natural News) In the 1980s, after a series of very serious lawsuits against vaccine companies from healthcare providers due to vaccine injuries, the CDC, in cahoots with vaccine manufacturers, created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) so that no vaccine maker could ever be sued again. From that date forward, if any U.S. person was…

Me, me, me, me: Obama allegedly campaigns for Democrats, but….

Probably my favorite Barack Obama campaign story involves an outdoor speech on a sweltering 2012 day in Roanoke, Virginia. As he went on and on, members of the adoring crowd began fainting from the heat. The president’s revealing response was not to cut his remarks short and let everyone seek a cold drink and air

WHAT’S AT STAKE: Democrats Back Universal Healthcare in ‘HALF’ of House Races

WHAT’S AT STAKE: Democrats Back Universal Healthcare in ‘HALF’ of House Races Democratic congressional candidates are backing a ‘Medicare for All’ healthcare system in approximately half of their House races this November; lurching left just weeks before American voters head to the polls. According to USA Today, liberal politicians are now backing a “universal healthcare

Jim Rickards: A “Blue Wave” In Midterm Elections? Not So Fast

Authored by Jim Rickards via The Daily Reckoning, My specialty is global macroeconomic analysis. I don’t usually get too involved in politics, and frankly I’d prefer to avoid the subject altogether. But at certain times politics intrudes on markets and you have to account for it. With the midterm elections coming up in two weeks,

‘Resistance’ Denies Service To Family Because Of Trump Shirt

“Thank you, Maxine Waters.” A man named Frank posted to Twitter on Saturday night after he and his family were denied service at Ruby Tuesday. In Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, the man wrote, he was discriminated against because he was wearing a “Trump – Make America Great Again” t-shirt. According to the Gateway Pundit, “Frank,

The Democratic Socialist Plan to DESTROY America (full documentary)

(Natural News) Our new documentary has just been posted on, the new name for, the YouTube alternative for free speech videos. The documentary is called The Democratic Socialist Plan to DESTROY America. The video documents the extreme danger of “Democratic Socialists of America” (DSA) who are actually communists pretending to be Democrats. These…

OCTOBER SURPRISE: New Undercover Video Set to Rock NORTH DAKOTA Midterm Race

OCTOBER SURPRISE: New Undercover Video Set to Rock NORTH DAKOTA Midterm Race Never-before-seen undercover footage featuring a prominent North Dakota lawmaker is set to rock the 2018 midterm elections exactly two weeks before Americans head to the polls; raising the stakes as both parties fight for control of Congress. The explosive exposé features another Democratic

Illegal immigrant pizza guy is arrested again

Do you remember the story of Pablo Villavicencio? He’s the illegal alien who was delivering pizza to Fort Hamilton Army base in New York in June when his identity was discovered and ICE picked him up. Having already been on their radar, Villavicencio was detained and scheduled for deportation. A friendly judge threw a wrench

Michael Moore’s Dumbed-Down America

Authored by Kurt Nimmo, Michael Moore had epiphany while on the road to Rome. The filmmaker lambasted corporate media for placing more emphasis on frivolous entertainment than hard-hitting objective news.  “If you allow rich corporations to buy up and control most of the media, and then put things on the media that are intended to appeal to

Democrat Party Parody Ad Nails Liberal Stance Using Truth

Allie starred in a new "ad" for the Democratic Party. We hope they like it! Get more @conservmillen ==> *This video is definitely not approved by the @DNC — CRTV (@CRTV) October 22, 2018   SHARE ON FACEBOOK | SHARE ON TWITTER The post Democrat Party Parody Ad Nails Liberal Stance Using Truth

“Polio-like” illness continues to spread across the U.S. and is now far more widespread than previously reported

(Natural News) The effects of a new debilitating virus that has “polio-like” symptoms spreading throughout the United States has been underestimated and under-reported thanks to voluntary reporting requirements and testing protocols that have been deemed substandard. The NY Daily News reported that children in 22 states have been affected by the condition as health authorities continue…

A mystery: Americans are happier over declining government regulations

Here’s something that defies explanation: The proportion of Americans who now believe there are too many government regulations has just fallen to the lowest level since Barack Obama took office. Now, what could possibly explain such a dramatic drop? Obama loved government regulations. The Illinois Democrat rarely encountered a new government rule that he did

REPORT: Migrant Caravan Includes Countless ‘Previously Deported’ Immigrants

REPORT: Migrant Caravan Includes Countless ‘Previously Deported’ Immigrants A countless number of previously deported illegal immigrants are reportedly joining the growing migrant caravan as it makes its way towards the United States’ southern border; raising serious security concerns over the potential asylum-seekers weeks before they reach the US. According to the Washington Post, illegal immigrants

Julian Assange (and his cat) go to court

We first heard about this last week, but the story keeps developing new and interesting wrinkles. Back in August, we were teased by a number of articles coming out of European media indicating that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was within days of cutting a deal which would allow him to leave the Ecuadorean embassy in

CARAVAN CHAOS: Migrants Call Trump ‘ANTICHRIST,’ Say President ‘Going to Hell’

CARAVAN CHAOS: Migrants Call Trump ‘ANTICHRIST,’ Say President ‘Going to Hell’ Immigrants taking part in the “migrant caravan” slowly making its way towards the US border unloaded on President Trump Monday; calling the Commander-in-Chief the “antichrist” after he threatened to crackdown on the immigrants should they reach America. “Donald Trump is the antichrist,” said one announces new name:

(Natural News) is changing to a name name and new domain: The good news is that all your videos and user accounts are automatically and seamlessly mirrored at the new domain, as well as remaining hosted at the original domain ( All video pages and video embeds will auto-forward for the next six…


WARREN BACKTRACKS: The Senator Says ICE Should be ‘REFORMED’ Not ‘ABOLISHED’ Firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren backtracked on previous comments she made regarding the Immigration and Customs and Enforcement Agency last week; saying the department needs to be “reformed” instead of “abolished.” Warren was speaking during a fiery debate with her GOP opponent when her harsh