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Israeli Data Reveals COVID Vaccine Failure

Once praised as a ‘vaccine success’ story, Israel is seeing increasing rates of #Covid19. With an estimated 40% new infections in the vaccinated, the country has become the first to authorize a third booster shot in an effort to contain runaway infections. #Israel #DeltaVariant #BreakThroughCases #BoosterShot #InfectionRate #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224 < to watch video

The New Nazis Have Come To Town

by — Ben Garrison The French are no strangers to Tyranny…they lived through it when the Nazis occupied France during WW2 French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to ram through a ‘vaccine passport,’ which would have become necessary for the people of France to enter places such as cafés, shopping centers, and bistros. If the owner of

Netflix stock tanks as subscriber numbers drop

(DAILY WIRE) – Netflix is down nearly half a million subscribers in North America this quarter, leading to a stock drop of nearly 5% on Wednesday — the company’s biggest slide since its last poor earnings report in April. This marks the first … Home – WND < continue reading

COVID Glitches: Most U.K. Delta Variant Deaths Were Vaccinated; 40% of New Israel COVID Cases Are Vaccinated

Public Health England released a COVID-19 variant technical briefing on June 25 (link goes straight to Table 2). It shows COVID-19 infections and deaths from February 1 to mid-June. The data clearly and unequivocally show a 1.9% fatality rate for the original (Alpha) variant. The super-deadly, extinction-level “Delta variant” had a 0.1% fatality rate. Using elementary arithmetic,

Very Fake News: Check Out the Crowd at Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall

It’s well known that whenever CNN has a town hall event for a Democrat it’s always a pre-staged and packaged event. CNN hack Donna Brazile cheated and gave Hillary the questions before her debate with Bernie Sanders. CNN filled up it… The Gateway Pundit – Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback < continue reading

Dominique de Silva: 30-Year-old North Carolina Woman Disappears From Social Media, Returns With Dystonia, Severe Convulsions After COVID-19 “Vaccine”

Mrs. Dominique de Silva. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — A North Carolina real estate agent concedes that her life is unlikely to ever be the same despite many Instagram users not believing her story. Meanwhile we’re learning the name of yet another neurological disorder. Mrs. Dominique de Silva received one of the experimental injections against COVID-19 on

The Liar Fauci Gets Caught By Senator Rand Paul

  by —Ben Garrison UPDATE: Rand Paul: “I Will be Sending a Letter to the Department of Justice Asking For a Criminal Referral” Into Fauci Dr. Fauci lied to Congress again when he claimed he never lied to Congress. The gnome of narcissism was visibly uncomfortable when Rand Paul cornered him. Instead of answering the

President Trump Visits The Savage Nation

Trump interview. Savage with thoughts about “voter remorse”, likening it to purchasing a new car only to find that it won’t run the next day. Savage lists more than 10 reasons to regret voting for Biden, even if you are a moderate or a liberal. They include: Extreme inflation, loss of respect around the world,

Young man pushes over 92-year-old woman in NYC attack

Disturbing surveillance video from New York City shows a young man, without warning, pushing over a 92-year-old woman in broad daylight, her head narrowly missing a fire hydrant and she fell hard to the sidewalk. … Disrn | Brief, smart, faithful < continue reading

Inflated Reporting of COVID Deaths Is a Real Conspiracy

Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Two counties in California reanalyzed death certificates and lowered the number of deaths attributed to COVID by at least 22%. One infectious disease expert believes the CDC may soon ask all counties to recount their data Recommendations to add COVID if it was suspected even though not confirmed to the

Massive Cover-Up! 45,000 DEAD

Rumble — EXCLUSIVE DISCOVERY! Dr. Jane Ruby reveals the plan for a third and FOURTH BOOSTER being prepared for release as the push to inoculate every living being continues. A CDC whistleblower has signed a sworn affidavit confirming the numbers are being tampered with, and as many as 45,000 Americans are confirmed DEAD as a result of

The Dems Plan To Turn America Into The Next Cuba

by Dr. Michael Savage The arc of worldwide communism: big countries succumb while survivors of small countries (Cuba, Vietnam) know better. Who’s listening? Not the crazed liberals & academics in America. Not Bernie Sanders the Biden politburo member. In Canada 45 Christian churches have burned under suspicious circumstances. The Judaeo-Christian tradition is under siege. Street volence abounds and not one democrat will

More Bad News for Masks

by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE Researchers analyzed the CO2 content of inhaled air among children wearing two types of masks, as well as wearing no mask CO2 in inhaled air under surgical and filtering facepiece masks came in between 13,120 ppm and 13,910 ppm; the German Federal Environmental Office set a limit of CO2

“My Big Tech Buddies……

by the GrrrTeam “My Big Tech Buddies will make sure you will only see the information we want you to see” “Circle back” Jen Psaki wants social media to circle their wagons and censor free speech in America. That’s right, she and the Biden Regime don’t care about our First Amendment. They are urging social media

Covid Vaccine Mandates Begin

  Flying in the face of rational science, responsible public health policy and ethical principles, European governments are requiring vaccine passports to function in society and for healthcare workers. Like an echo, populations have responded almost immediately with sustained protests in the streets. #BastilleDay #VaccinePassports #FranceProtests #Greece #VaccineMandates #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224 < to watch

Report: Pence, not Trump, activated National Guard

As Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building Wednesday, numerous commentators on social media and television began asking why the National Guard had not been activated to assist law enforcement in restoring order. … Disrn | Brief, smart, faithful < continue reading
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