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Russia Aims To Exploit Africa’s Energy Potential

By Vanand Meliksetian for Africa’s economic potential is enormous: the continent contains significant mineral and energy deposits, a young and growing population, and an underdeveloped energy sector desperately in need of investment. Approximately 640 million people, or two-thirds of the entire populace, don’t have access to electricity. According to the African Development Bank, energy poverty reduces

Award show surprise! Boos meet De Niro’s anti-Trump screed

Welp. That never happens. Not in the realm of run-of-the-mill awards shows, anyway. The American Icon Awards were presented Sunday. This is a new award that honors “Excellence in Leadership in Business, Entertainment, Sports and Education” – by a “Los Angeles based philanthropic organization established in 2014”, according to its website. So much for philanthropic

China’s rare earth minerals export ban will collapse the telecom industry and all “green” power, including solar and wind turbines

(Natural News) In potential retaliation against President Trump’s tariffs and other trade war tactics, China could be on the verge of banning all rare earth mineral exports to the United States, which would immediately cripple a number of critical tech industries. Among the five “nuclear” options that Zero Hedge says China currently has at its…

Pentagon Finally Admits To UFO Investigations

The Pentagon has admitted that they have been investigating UFOs through a secret government initiative known as the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP),” which the Defense department told the New York Post “did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena.“ image: ‘Project Blue Book’ The DoD says that it shut down AATIP in 2012, however spokesman

Bourbon On The Rocks May-22-2019

Bourbon On THe Rocks for Wed-May-22 has Duke talking about an article he wrote here at Red State called Nevada Looking To Become 15th State To Ignore Electoral College. and why we can’t find Karl in Fraser. You can listen to it all

Reporter Bombshell: ‘Bucket Five’ Declassification Released In Days

Award-winning journalist John Solomon has reported that the first batch of documents that will be declassified, concerning Crossfire Hurricane—the democrat coup against Donald Trump—will be released in seven to eight days! Conservative Treehouse reported on just what Americans can expect and what we hope will be revealed: Bucket Five – Intelligence documents that were presented

Nevada Looking To Become 15th State To Ignore Electoral College.

The march to making middle America irrelevant continues on with the state of Nevada looking to become the 15th state to go with the National Popular Vote initiative. In case you need a refresher on what the NPV is here is a bit from their website… The National Popular Vote interstate compact would guarantee the

LA residents not so quick to welcome illegal immigrants brought by CBP

As we’ve all learned by now, the courts and detention facilities at the southern border are packed to the brim and the White House has been working on ways to reduce the overcrowding by shipping some detained illegal aliens to other locations. That happened recently when CBP shipped roughly 100 “migrants” to the Customs and

Comey Email Shows Obama CIA Chief Perjured Himself Before Congress

According to former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, documents show that John Brennan, Obama’s Communist CIA Director, committed the same crimes as Michael Cohen. He perjured himself in front of Congress and James Comey emails prove it. The National Sentinel reported: During an interview Monday with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network, legal analyst Andrew Napolitano said

Breaking: Trump walks out on Pelosi, Schumer after “cover-up” remarks

“I don’t do cover-ups,” Donald Trump declared from the Rose Garden, surprising reporters who expected the president to be meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Instead, Trump walked out on the two Democrats after Pelosi accused him of being “engaged in a cover-up.” The proposed discussions on infrastructure investment, Trump told them, could take

NYT Confirms Hunter Biden Bank of China Deal, Leaves Out Key Details

by Rebecca Mansour A Tuesday New York Times article confirms revelations in Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book Secret Empires regarding the $1.5 billion deal Hunter Biden’s private equity firm secured from the state-owned Bank of China while his father was vice president; however, the Times omits key details that call into question statements made by Biden’s associates about the foreign financial deals

Here we go. Pelosi calls meeting on impeachment this morning

Just yesterday we were talking about the political pressure that’s been building on Speaker Nancy Pelosi from members of her caucus who are demanding impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Up until this point, Pelosi has wisely been resisting, likely knowing where that road ends. But last night the noisy Democrats appeared to have become too

Britain’s Largest Cell Phone Networks Drop Huawei Phones From 5G Launch

China’s telecom giant was greeted with more bad news on Wednesady, when Britain’s largest cell phone operators pulled Huawei phones from their 5G networks, joining other global telecoms groups in dropping launch plans after the Chinese group was hit by a US export ban that could stop it using Google’s Android operating system. As the

Impending DOOM of “Climate Change” is the latest environmental scare tactic for imposing high taxes and regulatory schemes dressed up as “solutions”

(Natural News) Profiting from supporting chemical medicine, toxic food, and money laundering – that’s the “M.O.” (mode of operation) for most politicians when they get to the top – including the Congress of the United States of America. One of the greatest Ponzi schemes for laundering trillions of dollars is upon us right now, and…

Obama Judge Gives Green Light To Dem Fishing Expedition Against Trump

Although there is absolutely no legislative value to the witch hunt democrats in Congress are pursuing against the president’s finances, Obama appointed judges don’t let little matters like the law influence their arbitrary decisions. Fox News reported: A Washington, D.C.-based federal judge has sided with House Oversight Committee Democrats seeking to enforce their subpoena of

Rep. Yarmuth: There’s a growing sense ‘impeachment is inevitable’

Jazz wrote about the growing push for impeachment this morning. I agree with his analysis about the realities of impeachment and what Pelosi knows it could mean for Democrats’ future as a majority party in the House. But the drumbeat really does seem to be growing. Rep. Yarmuth is using another i-word: “inevitable.” From NPR:

How Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest Perverted Natural Law Philosophy

The acceptance of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution among societies can be likened to a nuclear event, decimating the fragile moral fabric of humanity. Evolution, the concept of the survival of the fittest, and natural selection has only contributed to the devastation of human reason and thinking. The acceptance of evolution creates a shift in

Would Beto O’Rourke do a town hall on Fox? “Absolutely”

Is it time to stick a fork in Beto O’Rourke’s presidential campaign? Not quite, if we are to believe the people trying desperately to revive it. They aren’t done yet. Beto was in eastern Iowa checking out the flood damage in the state when he was asked about doing something that many of his Democrat

While everyone was watching Game of Thrones, Big Tech just seized monopoly control over all information, knowledge and “news”

(Natural News) As tens of millions of filth-addicted Americans have been gorging themselves on the trashy, low-grade HBO pornography series “Game of Thrones,” Apple has quietly taken yet another step towards absolute totalitarianism, banning Natural News from its “Apple News” platform for publishing information that Apple claims is “rejected by the scientific community.” It would…

Small-r Republicanism

Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, tells parliament, “I really want you not to hang my image in your offices.” The Corner | National Review < click to continue reading

Frightening Poll Shows 4 in 10 Americans Want a Form of Socialism

A new Gallup poll shows that a solid chunk of the American population is ready to embrace some form of socialism despite readily available examples of how socialism fails. According to the Daily Wire, the poll notes that 43 percent of Americans answered that “some form of socialism” would be a “good thing” for “the country as

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale: Don’t Believe the #FakeNewsMedia – Trump’s Polling Numbers in WI, PA, MI Better Than Ever Before

On Tuesday night Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale issued a statement lambasting the #FakeNewsMedia for producing “stories about internal polling in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania” Parscale says the fake news media is lying to fit their narrative that President Trump is losing big in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  Parscale says Trump’s numbers in the top

Bernie Staffer Files Lawsuit After Campaign Racism Burns

Democrats’ racism is legendary. From Jim Crow to the Civil Rights movement, they’re hatred and intolerance will well documented. Now, Bernie Sanders’ supporters are coming under fire for racism. A former campaign staffer has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Sanders group, Our Revolution. Fox News reported: On “Fox & Friends” Monday, Tezlyn Figaro, who

NY next to target evil walking texters

There are few things that a Democratic state legislature can’t write a new law about. Now, the New York Senate is working on a new statute to ban texting while walking. Unfortunately, New York is not the first United States locality seeking to subvert Darwin’s survival of the fittest law. As in Hawaii and some

Ted Malloch: TRUMP As “Tragic Hero”

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump Think Dirty Harry, “make my day Yes, Clint Eastwood or even better his character Walt Kowalski, in the movie, Gran Tourino. Trump is all of them and far more. Like the famous gunslinger in the classic Westerns that rides into town, shoots up