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Graham And Cotton Demand Investigation Into Leaks – Conservative Daily Post

Senator Feinstein faces an ‘investigation’ after the ‘betraying’ the confidentiality that Mrs. Ford requested. In the midst of the nonstop drama that has surrounded the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, the focus has remained almost entirely on the Christine Blasey Ford allegations. They’ve been the center of non-stop Home – Conservative Daily Post < click to continue

San Francisco Ignores Plague, Crime, Homeless Realities, Adopts Language-Change Instead

In Liberal Instruction 101, everything is about perception. Are you living in a squalor-filled city, covered with dirty needles, homeless tents, public defecation, and disease-ridden streets? No problem, for liberals… just change the names of these terrible, plague-and-danger carriers. That’s right. In San Francisco, instead of DOING something about the massive crime, homelessness, and filth,

Google, Twitter, Facebook, & Apple Get Loomered: DC Circuit Court Of Appeals To Hear Laura Loomer Censorship Case » Sons of Liberty Media

While others, including conservative talking heads, President Trump and conservative commentators simply whine about being censored by corporate owned and CIA-funded big tech companies, investigative journalist Laura Loomer is doing what they will not do:  taking it to those corporations for their violations of the public trust via a lawsuit.  Loomer has won her appeal

VIDEO: Plane Load of Illegal Aliens Flown Back Home to Guatemala

Video was released this month of plane load of illegal families being mass deported back to Guatemala. It’s not clear why they are being deported, but it may be because President Trump narrowed the criteria recently for passing the initial criminal fear interview. Families of the victims of gang violence no longer pass the test

CNN Wastes No Time In Lying About New Border Regulations

If their lips are moving, or in this case, if their B roll is rolling. On Wednesday, the Trump administration released new regulations to supplant the disastrous Flores Agreement, which led to family separation because it did not allow parents and children to stay together after 20 days while their cases are adjudicated. This is

Trump Immigration Director Ken Cuccinelli Blames Paul Ryan for Blocking GOP Immigration Plan So He Could Push Amnesty (VIDEO)

Ken Cuccinelli, the Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, joined a panel on End the Border Crisis today at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. During the discussion Director Cuccinelli correctly blamed former Speaker Paul Ryan for blocking Republican immigration legislation. According to Cuccinelli, Paul Ryan blocked the Republican plan so he could push amnesty

JOHN SOLOMON: Comey Would Not Give Investigators Access to “Highly Classified” Evidence in Hillary Clinton Email Investigation (VIDEO)

According to a staff memo updating Senators Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI), James Comey failed to review highly classified evidence in Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.  Even worse, Comey would not give investigators access to the evidence even though they needed it to resolve important questions related to Hillary Clinton’s private server. Senate investigators have

Surprise: Muslim Philly Cop-Shooter Was A Federal Informant

Last week, a man shot 6 Philadelphia police officers while a crowd mocked them.  Not only did we discover the shooter, Maurice Hill, was not only a Muslim, but also has been a federal informant for years. US Attorney William McSwain quickly blamed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who McSwain said promoted “a new culture

Trump joked to aides: What if we trade Puerto Rico for Greenland?

“Joke” should be in quotation marks. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that he would do that deal if it were on the table. Greenland, for one, was not on the staff’s list of priorities for the week. But while Mr. Trump has long derided nation-building, his flirtation with nation-buying turned out to be

Coup Cover: Barr Helps FBI Block Unredacted Release Of Strzok/Page Texts

Independent government watchdog, Judicial Watch, is fighting to get access to a very important bunch of Spygate texts. However, it looks as if William Barr is helping the FBI block the release of these “declassified documents.” Why? Conservative Treehouse reporter Sundance outlines the shenanigans in characteristic style: Judicial Watch is fighting for one of the

Feds Subpoena 20 Officers at Manhattan Prison Where Jeffrey Epstein Died

Jeffrey Epstein The feds subpoenaed at least 20 officers at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan where Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging in his prison cell of a ‘suicide.’ The correctional officers received the grand jury subpoenas as part of the DOJ’s investigation into the breakdown of prison policy at the MCC that led to

Justin Trudeau’s brand took a big hit from the SNC-Lavalin scandal

The Guardian published a profile of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today which focuses on the building of Trudeau’s brand and the ways in which that brand has taken a serious hit lately. The piece suggests that the real turning point for Trudeau politically wasn’t an election it was a boxing match in 2012: On

Journalist tests Walmart on gun sales. Hilarity ensues.

Nothing that transpires in Hayley Peterson’s attempt to test Walmart’s firearms-sale practices would come as a surprise to anyone who ever (a) bought a firearm and/or (b) ever shopped at a Walmart. To the credit of this Business Insider reporter, she reaches the appropriate conclusion of her quixotic adventure, which turned out quite differently than

REPORT: Obamas Buying $15 Million Martha’s Vineyard Mansion

It sure pays to be a DC grifter. The Obamas are reportedly purchasing a 29-acre, 7,000 square foot $ 14.85 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. The home is currently owned by Boston Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck. The Martha’s Vineyard estate (pictured below) was previously listed for $ 22 million, but the Obamas are paying less

In The Case Of Elite Class Perverts, Life Imitates Art

There’s a recurring theme in most of the films and TV shows that have been produced over the last decade or so which include futuristic dystopian settings. In such offerings, you typically have a very small, elitist faction that controls everything, and a massive oppressed class that supports the elites through their labor. In these

Trump Cancels Student Loan Debt For Disabled Vets

Once again, the president is making liberals’ heads explode. Student loan debt forgiveness is a favorite topic for freeloading snowflakes and the socialist parrots who want their vote. Although impractical to cancel all of it, President Trump actually did something great for America’s soldiers who’ve been wounded in combat. He cancelled their education debt. Fox

Sarah Sanders has a new job….at Fox News!

Former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has just been hired as a new contributor with Fox News: THE HILL – Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is joining Fox News . . . The Right Scoop < click to continue reading

DOJ Sends DACA Brief To SCOTUS: Obama Sec. More Powerful Than Rule Of Law

On Monday, the Department of Justice submitted a brief to the Supreme Court, outlining why the Trump Administration has every right to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ‘policy,’ instituted by Obama. And, the reasoning is sound. The president decided to end the ‘policy’ in 2017, but liberal advocates (who need a new slave-based

Trump vs. the Squad: “The Simpsons” edition

To cleanse the palate, Becket Adams calls this “the cringiest bit of #Resistance fan fiction produced since Jan. 2017.” It’s pretty bad. The most fun I had watching it was during the weakest part of the clip, when the Democratic candidates show up to do the can-can (groan). Pausing it and trying to identify everyone

The Times and Its Errors (and Ours)

There are things we have published that we regret. There are not many publications that have been around for long that do not have similar regrets. The Corner | National Review < click to continue reading

House Democrats Return Early To Ban Ammunition

Democrats in the House of Representatives, at least some, plan to go back to D.C. early and get started on how to do what they do best: destroy the constitution, disarm and de-educate the population to advance a slave-state existence like Venezuela. The ‘goal’ at this point, is to ban ammunition and scary ‘high capacity

Epstein’s Former Cellmate’s Request For Transfer Rejected After He’s Threatened With A “Price To Pay” If He Speaks About Epstein’s “Suicide”

On this morning’s episode of Setting Brushfires, I recounted the news that Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein‘s former cellmate begged a judge for a transfer to another jail, but the news is that he is barred from being moved to another facility until his trial which is pending. The reasons are clear: Hulking ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione

We Regret To Inform You That Chicken Sandwiches Are Political Again

Popeye’s, the national fried chicken chain with a Louisiana flair and some of the only good fried seafood in fast food, has released a new chicken sandwich. It is a good chicken sandwich. The reviews are almost universally favorable (flavorable?). That should be the end of the story. A chicken fast-food chain has released a