Champion Show Jumper, 22, Who Suffered ‘Extremely ‘Rare’ Reaction To Moderna Vaccine May Never Ride Again



  • Imogen Allen, 22, had two blood clots form on her lungs after Moderna vaccine
  • Doctors said the clots may have been triggered by jab and contraceptive pill
  • She will be on blood-thinning medication for all her life due to the rare reaction 
  • Ms Allen, from Woodcote, may never ride a horse again or become a detective

A champion show jumper may never ride a horse again after two massive clots formed on her lungs in an incredibly rare reaction to the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.

Imogen Allen, 22, was told by doctors that the clots, which formed two weeks after she was jabbed, could have been triggered by the vaccine alongside five years on the combined contraceptive pill. < continue reading

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