Chicago PD Impotent: Gang Surrounds Officers, Forces Them To Release Suspect

In Chicago, the police force no longer controls the streets, thanks to the left-wing media and liberal politicians who make every show of force by police a crime until proven innocent.

Less than two weeks ago, two tactical officers were making a drug dealer arrest. They confiscated the drugs being sold on the street and placed the bundle in their patrol car and had the perpetrator secured.

That’s when a group of men surrounded them and threatened to kill them if they didn’t let the drug dealer go.

At least one of them claimed to have a gun, and said he would shoot.

Now, typically that is justification to use deadly force.

These officers were surrounded and confronted by a menacing mob, but were afraid to engage them.

Why? Because the liberal media would have pounced, claimed racism, unjustifiable force, and poor ‘downtrodden’ gangs being preyed upon by cops.

Someone in the mob stole the drugs from the patrol car and ran away, and although one officer pursued that criminal, the officers wound up releasing the suspect and fleeing from the mob.

Chicago columnist John Kass is bringing national attention to the event and explaining why this is so much more than just a “local news story.”

What does this event signify? The police no longer have control of Chicago streets.

What if the mob had been sexually assaulting someone?

“If the cops had fired their weapons, news media would have been all over them, metaphorically skinning them alive. Politicians would have demanded their heads. Democratic presidential candidates, and the two campaigning for mayor, would have held repeated news conferences.”

But after this event? Nothing.

“The cops know they’re alone. That’s not a good prescription for what may come.”

But this story barely registered on the national news.

Police could be overwhelmed in any city. They are outnumbered.

But in a civilized society, there is supposed to be a generalized belief that the police are there to protect and serve, and deal with the few members of society who refuse to play by the rules.

What exists now in Chicago is jungle law.

It is mob rule, and the mobs are gangs.

“Gangs have less reason to fear the cops because they know that the municipal government doesn’t have the cops’ backs in too many cases.”

Right. The government is all too afraid of rioting and other lawlessness that results from actually enforcing the law because of the media culture war on police.

So now, Chicago is ruled by the criminal element. The design to create a chaotic society that requires government control is working, and if allowed to continue, will make every American a slave soon.


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