Cienna Knowles: 19-Year-old Australian Horse Trainer Received Second Pfizer mRNA Injection “To Keep My Job,” Develops Numerous Blood Clots, Can No Longer Work

Ms. Cienna Knowles.

GOSFORD, NEW SOUTH WALES — A 19-year-old equestrian is accepting that her life of Instagram modeling and horseback riding is likely over after caving to pressure and coercion.

Ms. Cienna Knowles received her second Pfizer mRNA injection on October 21, according to her Instagram account. Her entire existence flipped upside down later that evening. Ms. Knowles said she woke up with myriad adverse effects, including heart palpitations, muscle aches, headache, vomiting and blurred vision. She knew “something was seriously wrong” with her that night. < continue reading & to watch video

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