COVID-19 Statistics Unreliable and Widely Misrepresented, Says Alliance For Health International Co-Director

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06/08/2022 / By Mary Villareal

Rob Verkerk, the co-director of the Alliance for Health International, reflected on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the statistics that he said created huge polarization, depending on interpretation: the number of COVID-19 deaths, cases and adverse reactions to the vaccines.

He noted that the official figures of the “polarizing” statistics can be unreliable and widely misrepresented. Thus, people cannot rely on them to understand the real impact of the COVID-19 disease, as distinguished from the impacts of the human response, statistical noise or statistical manipulation.

For example, Norman Fenton and his colleagues from the Queen Mary University of London previously dismantled official U.K. data regarding the vaccinated and unvaccinated cases of COVID-19. While their work was regarded as the most reliable dataset available internationally, it also provided a stark reminder of how deception can work.

Their paper stated that there had been numerous discrepancies that indicate the reports on vaccine effectiveness have been grossly underestimating the number of unvaccinated people, causing statistics to underestimate the mortality rates of vaccinated individuals per age category. < continue reading & to watch video