COVID Mask Theater Caught on Camera


by Dr. Joseph Mercola


  • A citizen journalist begins filming reporter David Kaplan from WTAE in Pittsburg just before he’s about to go on-air for a news segment
  • Neither the reporter nor the cameraman were masked until they were about to go on air, at which point the reporter put his mask on, saying it’s their policy and he wanted to set a good example
  • Throughout the pandemic, the media have been fanning the flames of fear, including with displays like this, in which viewers see an image of a reporter masked up against the virus — who promptly removes said mask as soon as the camera is off
  • It’s a veritable theater, a show of a person’s willingness to obey, even when the rules seem to defy common sense, like wearing a mask outdoors when you’re far away from other people
  • Another video shows an unnerving compilation of multiple reporters from local affiliate news stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group reciting the same script as though it’s actual journalism

Throughout the pandemic, the inconsistencies in public health guidelines not only have been glaring but unsettling.

From flip-flops over the effectiveness of mask wearing to rules that seemingly contradict themselves — like it’s “safe” to take your mask off while eating in a restaurant but not while you’re walking to the table, or making small businesses close their doors while big box stores stay open because they’re “essential” — the last year has left many people feeling like they’re living in some sort of altered reality. < to watch video & continue reading