Door-to-Door Coronavirus Vaccines From the Government? It Has Begun


by Ethan Huff

Just because Donald Trump is gone from the White House does not mean that his “Operation Warp Speed” mass vaccination program for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has come to an end.

According to reports, door-to-door administration of China virus jabs by the government is now well underway in Seattle, where local fire department paramedics equipped with syringes are going around paying area residents a visit.

Right now, the main targets are “residents of adult family homes throughout the city.” Eventually, this will expand to everyone in the city, at least if Mayor Jenny Durkan has anything to say about it.

“We have to get these shots out of refrigerators and into people’s arms,” Durkan shrieked during a recent press conference. “We hope that if we get steady supplies, we will stand up mass vaccination sites side by side with our testing sites.”

For months, Seattle has had four free drive-up coronavirus testing sites set up, at which 556,000 tests were performed. Now, many of these sites will probably be transformed into injections sites, where National Guard and other branches of the military will presumably be tasked with plunging needles through people’s skin. < continue reading