Dr. Robert Malone – The Story Of My Vaccine Injury: “I Almost Died”

By Dr. Robert Malone

I actually do have a personal life. In fact, my wife of 42 years and I are actually pretty private. Sharing personal history is not something I do every day. However, as many of you know – I was vaccinated with Moderna twice and had a pretty significant vaccine injury. This was pretty early in the roll-out of the vaccines. It was long before the FOIA Japanese pre-clinical trial data had so many red flags and irregularities, long before we learned of all the issues with the clinical trials, and long before the VAERS and adverse events began to be known.

I have never been an “anti-vax” person. I have spent my career working with vaccines. I also know that some vaccines are “hot,” and are less safe. Usually, these types of vaccines are reserved for extremely dangerous viruses like Ebola or Yellow fever, where the goal is to make the vaccine 100% effective. Other vaccines, that are distributed widely, like the flu vaccines need to be very safe. The trade-off being that they are less effective. There is a whole science and art to crafting vaccines to appropriately respond to the “threat”.

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