Dr. Sugata Das: Disturbing Cockpit Video Shows Last Moments of Cardiologist’s Life Before He Crashed His Private Plane Near San Diego, Killing One Other Person

Dr. Sugata Das.

SANTEE, CALIFORNIA — This article is prefaced with two disclaimers. There is only circumstantial evidence that Dr. Sugata Das was “fully vaccinated.” But again, vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences; and Dr. Das was a healthcare worker. Also note that the audio is real, and the video is a reconstruction/dramatization of the crash. Regardless, the following is one of the most frightening coincidences you’ll see on this blog in 2021.

Dr. Das was a cardiologist at the Yuma Heart and Vascular Center in Yuma, Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey has issued several Executive Orders in 2021 that outlaw mandatory masks and experimental injections in Arizona government buildings, schools and political subdivisions. He signed Senate Bill 1824 into law on June 30, 2021. It requires all employers in the state to provide reasonable accommodations to workers with religious objections to the shots. The bill also prohibits blanket vaccine passports. But tucked into that bill is a caveat relevant to this article:

“[SB1824] Stipulates that a health care institution is not prohibited from requiring its employees to be vaccinated. (Sec. 13).”

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