Fabien Stocco: French Man Laments “All This For a Vaccine I Didn’t Want” After Developing Life-Altering Pericarditis From Pfizer Injection

Mr. Fabien Stocco.

REVELSTOKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Mr. Fabien Stocco was an active, healthy single father of two, navigating his way through COVID-19 dystopia prior to Thanksgiving. But the 40-year-old is now uncertain if his life will ever return to what it once was.

Mr. Stocco received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on Friday, November 26. Less than a week later, he started experiencing severe chest pain and shortness of breath while shoveling snow. He checked into the emergency room on December 3 when the chest pains worsened. Mr. Stocco was back in the emergency room on December 6 when his condition did not improve after the first visit.

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