Five Month Old Left Face Down, Buried In Woods

The Guardian has observed that a five-month-old child lasted nine hours in wet clothes, buried under debris in Montana. Remarkably, the baby survived being buried alive.

Buried beneath sticks and other flotsam, the baby suffered “only minor injuries despite wearing wet and soiled clothes in cold weather,” police have confirmed. Considering the circumstances, the little boy is in good condition. The man in custody is like some kind of monster, who said that he left the child behind after an accident because he was too heavy, according to Yahoo News.

The strange and unfortunate story began as officers got reports of people being threatened by a man at the “Lolo Hot Springs area of the Lolo national forest.” Police soon found the man who said that a baby was buried somewhere in the woods, around 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Soon, a search party made up of ” federal, state and local officials” scoured the forest, and early Sunday morning, the child was heard crying by one of the members.

It was only 46 (8C) degrees. The infant was laying face down in the muck and wearing wet and soiled clothing.

He suffered some minor scrapes and bruising but overall is in good health,” confirmed Brenda Bassett, a sheriff’s spokeswoman.

State family services now are charged with the care of the child. Chuck Council, a spokesman for the group caring for the baby, has declined to say exactly where the child will be housed, by who, or offer any other details due to matters of medical privacy.

Francis Crowley, 32, has been charged with criminal endangerment and is being held on  $ 50,000 bail. Additional charges are to be added, the sheriff’s office also stated.

For all of us at the sheriff’s office, this is what we call a miracle,” a statement said. It is not known how Crowley is related to the child.

The statement said additionally, “For the officers who were present for this event, it’s especially hard knowing what this small baby endured in the last 24 hours.”

The people responsible for this will certainly face justice and really, everyone can be happy that the crazed man did make the threats to others.

If he had not, the law may never have been called and the child may have perished needlessly in the woods.


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