Frank Harrington Jr: 44-Year-old Father of Four Diagnosed With Aggressive Post-Injection Brain Cancer, Dies Three Weeks Later

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Mr. Frank Harrington.

PULASKI, NEW YORK — A 44-year-old father, grandfather, and long-time worker for a heat transfer equipment manufacturer is dead, as post-injection cancer continues claiming lives across the globe.

Mr. Frank Harrington Jr. practically lived on social media. He posted at least 15 times per day on Facebook since April 2021. Thus it is difficult to scan his entire profile, as Facebook overloads and freezes. One thing is clear. Mr. Harrington never posted the band-aid “I’m vaccinated” photos to his profile. It’s also clear that Mr. Harrington was a mask zealot, vaxx zealot and very loyal to the overall COVID-19 faith.

The mask and COVID zealotry started very early in the so-called pandemic. Keep in mind that Mr. Harrington rarely posted original thoughts. Most of his Facebook posts were memes and images. < continue reading