Give Me Safety And Then Death


by Ben Garrison

I often watch CNN to hear the latest lies the Deep State expects us to swallow. The fake news mass media have long pushed a globalist agenda.

For years they pushed fear via the ‘climate change’ narrative, but it never really caught on. People had more important things to worry about than the weather. Most were too busy working and trying to pay the bills. Nobody wanted the globalist ‘green new deal’, which would shut down the oil industry, our economy, and cost everyone their jobs.

Now the Deep state has found something that works for them—a scary man-made virus. Oil has collapsed and people have lost their jobs. Just want they wanted—the destruction of America! CNN and the rest of the mass media beat drums of fear daily to keep the lockdown going. They celebrate people who are forced to stay in their homes. Hollywood stars help out by making it seem cool and patriotic. < continue reading

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