“Hail Satan” Carved Into South Carolina Church

The State has confirmed the words “Hail Satan” were carved into the Welcome Baptist Church’s Family Life Center in South Carolina. Authorities have no idea who did this devilish act.

WSPA News has verified that the words were vandalized on the front porch, and that the Union City religious establishment reported the criminal act last Friday. Sadly, this was not the only damage that was caused. The vandals burned a pair of plastic columns and did damage to “vinyl siding and a crawl space vent,” according to Fox Carolina.

The police have also said that no suspects have been identified by the police.

That leaves those in the community to ponder a few questions.

Was it was the work of people who picked up a dog-eared copy the “Satanic Bible” at some secondhand bookstore and felt motivated by it to try to burn down the church.

Then again, it could really be someone quite dangerous.

For example, the setting of the fire could have been a huge problem if the flames had gotten out of control. Lives could have been lost by a responding fire crew or anyone else if that had been the case.

The precepts of evil have been sold to the U.S. as “cool” and “trendy.” Wicca is the fastest growing religion in the United States and a staggering amount of Americans identify as having “no religion” in 2018. The numbers of such people are higher than at any point in the U.S. history, as a matter of fact.

All of this means that today, there is a church – a place that feeds those in need and that helps those in the area at no cost – who has to take precious funds (even if insured) and use them to fix what others have destroyed.

Hopefully, the culprits will be found and forced to foot the bill.


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