History Lesson: There Were More DEATHS Caused by the SMALLPOX VACCINE Than by the Virus Itself

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06/04/2022 / By S.D. Wells

The easiest way for the vaccine industry to sell the world on the most dangerous form of “medicine” is to erase the history of its dismal performance, and the data that reveals the risks far outweigh the benefits. Let’s dial it back to the true data about smallpox that was registered in official reports with the Registrar General of England. When you see the real data, the biggest question of all will propose itself to you: Would you still consider vaccinations of any sort if you knew that the number of vaccine-induced deaths was equivalent to, and often greater than, the number of deaths from the infectious disease the vaccine was supposed to prevent? Plus, if you have children, you’re about to find out that for kids under 5 years of age, the vaccine is MUCH riskier than smallpox itself. This requires careful consideration.

Compulsory smallpox vaccine program in England caused massive epidemic outbreak, while the vaccine itself killed 3 times more children than the virus itself

In 1906 in England, there were 21 deaths recorded from the smallpox (variola) virus, yet there were 29 deaths recorded from the smallpox vaccine. One year later, there were 10 deaths recorded that were caused by the virus, and 12 deaths caused by the smallpox vaccine. The next year? More deaths caused by the vaccine than the virus, again. Over the next decade, for children under 5 years of age who received the smallpox vaccine, there were 128 deaths recorded that were caused by the toxic jab, yet only 34 deaths caused by the virus in that same time period.

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