India: Three Popular Singers Die in 10-Day Stretch, Including One Who Collapsed and Died on Stage, as The Country Continues Using Celebrities to Push “Vaccines”

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Actor Suriya Sivakumar receiving his injection on June 21, 2021.

India is turning out to be one of the most sensible, common sense countries in the world since the most powerful human psychological operation (“COVID-19 pandemic”) in history commenced in 2020. There are at least nine COVID-19 “vaccines” authorized for emergency use in India as of publishing this article. But the lethal, ubiquitous Pfizer mRNA injections are not one of them.

India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) rejected Pfizer’s application for emergency use authorization way back in February 2021. CDSCO cited adverse reaction reports and better locally-manufactured options for “vaccines.” Pfizer also demanded an indemnity clause, shielding it from liability if anyone was killed or injured by the shots. India rejected those demands as well. Moderna was also rejected by India. Thus very few Indians have received mRNA injections throughout the so-called pandemic. < continue reading & to watch videos