Inmate Fasting For Muslim Holiday Sues Jail, Claiming Starvation

While democrats unpatriotically display their apparent hatred for the U.S. Constitution when it protects conservatives, they too take advantage of such protections, which is absolutely within their right to do so, as with all Americans.

However, a Muslim inmate in North Carolina exercised his freedom of religion but then later claimed that the jail which permitted him to do so violated his religious freedom and equal protection rights. This outrageously resulted in a lawsuit in which the inmate in question willingly participated in a fast for the Islamic holiday, Ramadan, but subsequently claimed that he had been starved.

Travaile Speller, incarcerated since January for “burglary and larceny,” joined fellow Muslim inmates in signing up to fast for Ramadan on April 30, at the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2018, Ramadan occurred from the evenings of May 15, until June 14.

In accordance with the holiday, Muslims are to abstain from “food, drink, and sex” during “daylight hours.” In an incarceration setting without previously determined exceptions, this would render practicing Muslims with virtually no food, as the provided meals during the permitted time frame would have occurred when the sun was out.

To provide for those participating in the partial fast, the jail altered its mealtimes so that those who had signed up to participate in Ramadan fasting and followed its other expectations would be able to eat breakfast and dinner in accordance with their religious practices including breakfasts “as early as 4:30 a.m.”

However, nutrition-wise, they were only deprived lunch and otherwise daytime drinking or snacking.

Such is said to “teach patience, modesty, and spirituality,” none of which were exhibited in Speller’s ungrateful response.

Despite the detention center constitutionally upholding what the inmates of Islam required, Speller ridiculously sued the Mecklenburg County Jail “two weeks after Ramadan ended” on the grounds that it violated his religious freedoms and equal protection of the law.

“In his hand-written complaint,” the inmate outlandishly accused the jail of “depriving me of necessary calories…which is cruel and unusual punishment directed towards all Muslims.”

Recall that he was only lacking the jail-provided midday meal for which Speller allegedly “did not join the lunch line” to receive.

However, in his claim, he attested that “my meals should not be diminished based on my religion or because of my observance of my religious holiday.”

Speller also threatened to sue the Mecklenburg’s Sheriff’s Office, however, spokeswoman Anjanette Grube noted that a complaint has yet to be filed against the department.

Although under Speller’s logic, the jail and the sheriff’s department would have been liable for a suit whether they respected his religious freedoms or failed to.

A local fellow Muslim, Jibril Hough, on behalf of the Islamic Center of Charlotte, however, noted of Speller that “the jail was doing him a favor and actually respecting his faith.”

Not only did the jail allow for Ramadan-practicing inmates to continue adhering to their faith while incarcerated, but it also reportedly provided a “step-by-step guide on how to adhere to the four weeks of fasting.”

Interestingly, a need for such materials has arisen with the increasing number of Muslim inmates. In 2016, the New York Times reported that “11 percent of the state’s prison population was Muslim” with “80 percent…convert[ing] after entering prison” at the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York.

It has not been reported as to whether Speller was Muslim upon entering the criminal justice system, as his record in shockingly extensive, including over 10 arrests in “the last two years.”

In any case, his situation is a disgusting example of Muslims attempting to self-victimize themselves while other religions remain tolerant of their differences.

As much as many on the left try to deny history, America was founded on Christian values, not Islamic ones. Yet that does not stop peaceful Muslims from being permitted to practice their religion in the U.S., nor has it apparently discouraged from such individuals claiming that conservatives are anti-Muslim.

However, Speller’s actions are continually hypocritical in nature considering that he opposed having to adhere to the fast while also claiming to be a devout Muslim when he signed up for the Ramadan exceptions.

Even worse, the Charlotte Observer pointed out, the Qur’an promises that “whoever fasts during Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards” will have his sins forgiven and receive “the rewards of patience in Heaven.”

Ironically and unsurprisingly, Speller appeared to not know what a fast entails when he signed up to participate in one. Even more telling of the lawsuit is Speller’s also apparent disregard for such ‘heavenly promises,’ as he is seeking a ridiculous “$ 250,000 in damages.”

Of course, the jail nor the sheriff’s office, if also sued, legally have anything to worry about. The policies surrounding Ramadan practices were properly upheld, though it is clear that unable to sue on such grounds, Speller is attempting to do so in other ways.

While it is horrendous to see a repeat offender incorrectly citing constitutional protections to profit from a state facility which is working to rehabilitate him, it speaks negatively not upon the jail, but of Speller’s own faith which he hypocritically claims.


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