Isn’t there a better way to vote?

by Witsnews

Voter fraud is on the rise, the same politicians keep getting elected over & over & over again….and we wonder why nothing ever gets done in Washington. One has to wonder how much of an influence voter fraud and the illegal vote has had on our current political state in this country.

Isn’t it time to change the way we vote, so that our votes actually count, instead of being effectively nullified by voter fraud?

Here are a few suggestions:

Every state should start requiring photo ID and proof of citizenship from every voter. (no-brainer)

Hand stamping procedures or similar tools for verifying one vote per person should be implemented in all states.

Early voting by mail, and absentee voting should be strictly limited to only those cases where legitimate need is proven.  “Ballot harvesting”, a favorite among Democrats in California which allows anyone to collect absentee ballots unsupervised, should be outlawed.

Voting machines:

Any state using electronic voting machines should require that the machines provide multiple copy paper receipts showing a date/time stamp, voting location, machine ID number, and list all the candidate choices the voter selected.

One copy remains with the voter who initials all the receipts to verify that the information on the receipts is correct, and one copy goes to a representative of each political party.

After the electronic votes are all tabulated, staff from each political party represented in the election proceed to hand count each and every voter receipt while being monitored by reps from each of the parties. The totals from the hand counts are then compared to the results of the machine tabulations, and all results are immediately released to the public.

If the winners from the machine tabulations match those found from the hand counts from all political parties, then an official winner is declared.

If there is a discrepancy from the hand counts of any of the political parties large enough to show a different winner than what the electronic tabulations showed, then an equal number of staff from all parties represented must combine to do an additional final manual re-count.

The results of this final count determine the official winner. If the electronic tabulations are overruled by the results of the hand counts, all voting machines involved in the process are repaired or replaced immediately.

This is just a short list.  There are many other options which should be considered such as increased use of security cameras, volunteer programs to provide proper oversight, legal aid for filing fraud reports, etc.

The future of the republic is at stake here, we have to get this right…and soon.