Jayde Stapleton: Australia Woman Says “Pfizer Vaccine Ruined my Life” After Post-Injection Guillain-Barré, Dysautonomia Diagnoses

Ms. Jayde Stapleton.

MINNAMURA, NEW SOUTH WALES — Social media is rarely an accurate depiction of people’s lives. But Ms. Jayde Stapleton has been on Instagram since 2011. And everything about her is consistent. She loves her family. She loves her fiancé. Most importantly, she loves her 2-year-old daughter. Ms. Stapleton was just a happy young woman living life to the fullest. That is until Australian dystopia and Pfizer completely altered her existence.

Ms. Stapleton received her second Pfizer mRNA injection on September 29, according to a now-deleted Instagram post. She only got the injections due to her employer’s mandate. Her reply to a comment about her condition sums up the same situation millions of people in Australia and beyond are facing.

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