Leah Taylor: 22-Year-old Iowa Doctorate Student and Fitness Promoter Hospitalized With Myocarditis After Coerced Pfizer mRNA Injection, Future Uncertain


Ms. Leah Taylor.

DAVENPORT, IOWA — A 22-year-old St. Ambrose University physical therapy student and body builder was scared and hesitant to play along with the global “vaccine” agenda. Now she is unable to workout and faces a precarious future after succumbing to the pressure.

Ms. Leah Taylor received her second Pfizer mRNA injection sometime between July 27 and August 22, based on context clues from her now-deleted Instagram account. It’s unclear whether she deactivated the account herself or if Instagram took it down because she reported severe adverse reactions to the mRNA injections. Several people have told us that their Instagram accounts were locked and/or deleted recently after sharing personal adverse effect stories.

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