Leaked Full-Grant Agreement: US Donating Taxpayers’ Money to Fund Abortion Services Disguised as COVID-19 Overseas Aid

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05/10/2022 / By Belle Carter

A leaked full-grant agreement revealed that the United States government has spent taxpayers’ money to promote abortion and population control in foreign countries masqueraded as Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) relief.

News website Revolver obtained documents showing a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to the notorious eugenics group Pathfinder International. USAID gave Pathfinder $500,000 for the purpose of pandemic “disaster relief efforts” to advance population control abroad. Officially, the grant is for “responding to COVID-19 in hotspot areas of Ethiopia.”

“Our team of country experts will contribute to ensuring a resilient health system that can persistently provide essential health services and can respond to [the] COVID-19 pandemic,” the document stated. In connection with the grant, technical guidance of Pathfinder said: “Given that it is time-sensitive, abortion must always be considered an essential service and provided regardless of whether elective services are suspended.”

The news website said Pathfinder uses U.S. taxpayer funding to entrench sexual health services, including abortion and birth control, in developing nations during a global crisis by manipulating the public through messaging campaigns that declared these health services “essential,” orienting staff to adopt this messaging, and ensuring that abortions and birth control were provided in “safe” health facilities. (Related: Dr. Alan Keyes talks about abortion, slavery and the COVID-19 pandemic – Brighteon.TV.)

“If this level of coordination happened at USAID, there is no telling how extensive the grants apparatus stretches across other executive agencies. Over the last three years, American taxpayers have experienced what this rampant abuse of their funds can do, and whistleblowers and Freedom of Information Act requests have pulled back the curtain on some of the most destructive whims of the government grants process to date,” the website emphasized.

A startling research published in New England Journal of Medicine indicates 82 percent of pregnant women given the COVID-19 jabs in the first or second trimester suffer spontaneous abortions – killing four of five unborn babies.

The data came from a study entitled “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons.” Out of 127 women who received vaccines during their first or second trimesters, 104 spontaneous abortions occurred before their pregnancies hit the 20-week mark. Even so, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still pushing on mainstream and social media that the jabs are “safe and effective.”

Moreover, Dr. Sara Beltran Ponce of Wisconsin has made public her miscarriage following COVID-19 vaccination. The miscarriage happened on the 14th week of her pregnancy, indicating it was three days after she got the first or second mRNA shot. She did not say if it was the Pfizer or Moderna shot. Beltran Ponce has since locked her Twitter account so only verified followers can see her tweets.

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