Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jailed


This Marine knew the outcome and is now bearing those consequences.

Front and center with congressional testimony this week were the inept trio of military “leaders” who are, without question, guilty of dereliction of duty regarding Joe Biden’s disastrous surrender and retreat from Afghanistan. They are Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley, and head of U.S. Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie.

Of course, it is Biden who should bear the full burden of that decision and its consequences, including the rise of the Taliban and its agents of destruction, the al-Qa’ida terrorist network — and the reign of terror now besieging Afghan men, women, and children, which will eventually emerge to strike Western targets again. But there will be no accountability and consequences for Biden. Just as there will be no accountability and consequences for his politically motivated retaliatory strike against that “high-value target” in Kabul — which turned out to be nothing more than a deadly strike on a group of innocent civilians. < continue reading

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