Ludovic Clerc: 39-Year-old French Man Dead 40 Hours After Second Moderna mRNA Injection


Mr. Ludovic Clerc.

MONTPELLIER — A 39-year-old father is dead; and it appears to be the result of mandatory or coerced pre-employment injections.

Mr. Ludovic Clerc, aka Ludo Clerc and Ludz Clerc, received the second Moderna mRNA injection on Thursday, July 22, according to his father, Jean Francois Clerc. The testimonial was originally posted on Jean Francois’ Facebook page and on something called “Vaccine Side Effects Census Group.” It was forwarded to us on Telegram. But Jean Francois was either forced by Facebook to delete every post from July 5 to August 4, or he did so voluntarily. < continue reading

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