Minister Richard Wurmbrand on the Threat to Freedom


In 1948, Lutheran minister Richard Wurmbrand was arrested by the Socialist Republic of Romania, and was tortured for 14 years in prison. His wife, Sabina, was sent to a labor camp.

After years of persecution and international pressure, the Wurmbrands received amnesty. In 1965, he testified before the U.S. Senate’s Internal Security Subcommittee.

In 1967, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand formed Jesus To The Communist World, renamed Voice of the Martyrs.  His words should be remembered and contemplated on.

Richard Wurmbrand wrote:

Every freedom-loving man has two fatherlands; his own and America … America is the hope of every enslaved man, because it is the last bastion of freedom in the world.

Only America has the power and spiritual resources to stand as a barrier between militant Communism and the people of the world.

It is the last “dike” holding back the rampaging floodwaters of militant Communism. If it crumbles, there is no other dike, no other dam; no other line of defense to fall back upon.

America is the last hope of millions of enslaved peoples …

I have seen fellow-prisoners in Communist prisons beaten, tortured, with 50 pounds of chains on their legs – praying for America … that the dike will not crumple; that it will remain free.”

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