Mainstream Media Focus on “Hero Passenger” Darren Harrison Landing Plane in Florida, While Completely Whitewashing The Suddenly Incapacitated Pilot

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Mr. Robert Morgan (L) and Mr. Darren Harrison.

PALM BEACH — Everyone loves feel-good stories with a happy endings, especially in these times of universal deceit and subterfuge. Now mainstream media are using said feel-good stories to coordinate and deflect attention from a very disturbing and well-established trend in the aviation industry.

Captain Bob Snow was an American Airlines pilot with over 30 years experience. He was landing an Airbus A321 with 200 passengers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport via Denver on April 9. Just six minutes after touching down and taxiing the aircraft to Gate 6, Captain Snow suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. In what can only be called a miraculous coincidence, the plane left Denver exactly six minutes earlier than it was supposed to leave. Had the flight departed right on time, this story would have been international news. It’s also hard to look past the numerical anomaly herein – left Denver 6 minutes early, landed at Gate 6, cardiac arrest 6 minutes later.

Captain Snow posted a video that originally appeared on Rumble on April 19. He said American Airlines forced all pilots to receive mRNA injections or be fired. He received his on November 9. “I will probably never fly again, based on the criteria the FAA establishes for pilots, all courtesy of the vaccine,” Captain Snow said from a hospital room. < continue reading & to watch video