Mass Shootings, Abortions, “Vaccines” Renew U.S. Tribal, Phony Concern For Children, Who Are Now Commodities For Profit and Political Agendas

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You wouldn’t know it if U.S. mainstream media and social media are your primary sources of news. But 27 days ago, on May 14, 10 Americans were gunned down in the Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

The entire tragedy was livestreamed online. The shooter specifically scouted the store because he hates all Black people and wanted to kill for clout. He also mentioned something called “great replacement theory” that conservative commentator Ann Coulter provided an interesting take on. Buffalo Police Chief Joseph Gramaglia called the murders “an absolute racist hate crime.” But 48 hours later, the entire story dropped out of the news cycle because of the truth nobody wants to hear. < continue reading & to watch videos