Now Biden Wants a Border Wall


DHS Secretary Mayorkas says that border wall construction needs to resume to fill “gaps.”

Remember when prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi blasted Donald Trump’s effort to construct a border wall as immoral? Remember when Joe Biden on his first day in office signed an executive order that ended all funding for border wall construction? Back in those heady days of January, he asserted, “Building a massive wall that spans the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution. It is a waste of money.” His order was an apparent follow through on his campaign promise that “there will not be another foot of wall constructed [under] my administration.”

What a difference a border crisis makes.

After three months of surging numbers of migrants illegally crossing the U.S. southern border, Team Biden is faced with a humanitarian crisis. It appears that obstructing press access to Customs and Border Protection facilities while disingenuously claiming the mantle of transparency and downplaying the crisis as merely a “challenge” has done little to end the bad press or turn the PR favorably toward the Biden-Harris administration. Even “border czar” Kamala Harris is MIA. < continue reading