Op-ed: Bill Gates Colluding With The WHO to Restrict Medical Freedom Worldwide

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05/29/2022 / By Ramon Tomey

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to restrict medical freedom around the world, an op-ed argued.

The May 26 op-ed published in LifeSiteNews mentioned how the technocrat plans to undermine medical freedom through his Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization (GERM) Team. It will consist 3,000 disease experts under the purview of the global health body and will receive funding of around $1 billion yearly.

“Once it spots [an outbreak], [the] GERM Team should have the ability to declare an outbreak,” Gates explained. “[It should also be able to] work with national governments … [to determine] how and when to implement border closures and recommend mask use.”

Defending the importance of the GERM Team, the Microsoft founder added: “Militaries regularly run war games to evaluate their readiness. We should do the same with disease threats.”

“In most countries, these exercises can be run by local public health and military leader, with [the] GERM [Team] acting as an advisor and reviewer. For some low-income countries, the world should invest in building this capacity and land resources as needed.”

The GERM Team’s task is tied with the proposed pandemic treaty, which allows the WHO to supersede national sovereignty in the guise of addressing public health crises such as pandemics. To this end, the WHO established an intergovernmental negotiating body – which will be in charge of drafting and negotiating the treaty – in December 2021.

“The WHO wants to make its pandemic leadership permanent. It can then extend its power into the health care systems of every nation, and eventually implement a universal or ‘socialist-like’ health care system as part of the Great Reset,” the LifeSiteNews piece stated.

“The [global health body intends] to eliminate individualized medicine and provide blanket rulings for how a given threat is to be addressed, and this can only result in needless suffering – not to mention the loss of individual freedom.”

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