Trump shuts down CNN’s Jim Acosta at joint UK press conference

President Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May held a joint press conference today in the UK. After brief statements, Trump and May spent about a half hour taking questions from a large group of assembled media. In the midst of an otherwise orderly press conference, CNN’s Jim Acosta demanded he be given a chance to

Obama Loses 2 Million Twitter Followers Amid Crackdown On Fake Accounts

Former President Barack Obama‘s personal Twitter account lost more than two million followers on Thursday amid the social media platform removing fake and/or inactive accounts, The Daily Beast reports. Liberals have long boasted about the former president’s large social media following, but Obama just got a big surprise from Twitter as a portion of his

Papa John: You know, I was pressured into using the n-word

As I said on Thursday, when the end finally came for Papa John’s Chairman John Schnatter, it certainly came quickly. During an online conference call which was ironically designed to prevent future public relations debacles for the company, the big guy was heard dropping the n-word. Since then he’s been declared persona non grata by

Biased FBI Agent Allowed To Decide What Evidence Handed Over To IG

Yesterday, Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Strzok spent much of the day sitting before a joint meeting of House committees, answering questions in a snarky manner while smirking at the people who dared to question him. However, even during the questioning, where he spent his time grandstanding, he did reveal interesting information. Perhaps most

Melania Trump wows Europe with style, soft diplomacy

By all appearances, First Lady Melania Trump has bounced back nicely from her recent kidney surgery and a rather lengthy recovery. While Trump critics in the media enjoyed some rather silly speculation because she was not in the spotlight as she recovered, Mrs. Trump left no doubt she is ready to get back to work as

12 Russian Officers Indicted For Allegedly Hacking Clinton Campaign, DNC

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced on Friday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for allegedly hacking emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential election. According to BBC, Rosenstein said there was no evidence of any illegal actions by any American citizen nor were

GOP Fires Back After Democrats Introduce Bill To Abolish ICE

Several House Democrats introduced a measure on Thursday that would terminate the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. After some political trickery by the GOP, the same Democrats who introduced the bill are going to vote against their own bill. This surprise changes everything, and exposes the lying, hypocritical Democrats. According to The Daily Caller,

More delicious Democratic infighting over the Kavanaugh nomination

This story is like a delicious buffet that you just keep going back to for more, more, more. To appreciate this, all you need to know is that Democrats are in a real bind over Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. On the one hand, the resistance-minded base wants revenge for Merrick Garland.

Gohmert Grills Strzok On Suspiciously Ignored Emails

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) intensely grilled disgraced FBI investigator Peter Strzok on Thursday about some highly suspicious findings from a prior investigation by the ICIG that are still under seal. “The Intelligence Community Inspector General,” Gohmert began, “found an anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through their private server, and when they had done the

Christian doctor FIRED for saying gender is determined at birth… the anti-science assault on biological reality goes ballistic

(Natural News) The British government has declared a Christian physician “unfit to work” after the self-identified Reformed Baptist vocalized out loud the definitive truth that there are only two biological genders: male and female. According to reports, Dr. David Mackereth’s tenure within the government-run health system of the United Kingdom was exceptionally short-lived because of…

Awww: Chevron Shakedown lawyer in search for new career

It didn’t get the headlines that Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump got this week. Heck, it didn’t even get the headlines that Steve Donziger used to get earlier in his career, after the attorney scored a $ 8.6 billion judgment against Chevron in Ecuador. On Tuesday, though, the state of New York yanked Donziger’s law

Flatworms Infect The Bodies Of Those In The West As Migration Grows

Vetting those entering the United States (and elsewhere) is not only a matter of making sure migrants are not a threat. Health screenings are done to ensure that public health dangers like Schistosomiasis, a deadly and gross infection caused by a parasite, aren’t unleashed on the healthy population. As the Tea Party (dot org) has revealed,

2018 and the rise of the “meh” voters

Is it a blue wave? Or maybe a red wave? It’s too soon to tell, but one thing you may be sure of is that people on both sides of the aisle are fired up and ready to charge out to the polls this November in a showdown over President Trump’s policies and the very

Air Force One May Get A Presidential Update

When Donald Trump first started talking about “America First,” a great number of people thought that it was simply catchy words for his platform. As AOL News has confirmed, that simply is not the case. The president wants to repaint Air Force One so that it is more “American,” a desire that shows what is

Man, Mika Brzezinski *really* liked that baby Trump balloon

If you were watching the news of President Trump’s visit to England yesterday you no doubt saw the much anticipated “Trump Baby” balloon. The way most of the reporters were talking, I was expecting something on the scale of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade display. It was a bit underwhelming in those terms (more on that

McDonald’s Salads Thought To Cause Stomach Illness

No sooner did the Del Monte recall happen (and many eaters were sickened), McDonald’s has a health scare of their own. AOL News has discovered that cyclospora infections are being investigated and that the sickness is thought to be tied to the famous fast food restaurant’s salads. The unsettling news sent shares of “Mickey D’s” down 1.4

Indictment: Russian hackers spearphished certain email accounts used by Hillary’s campaign for the first time the day Trump called on Putin to find her emails

It’s a coinkydink. July 27, 2016: Donald Trump: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing." — CNN (@CNN) July 27, 2016 Also July 27, 2016, per today’s indictment: July 27, 2016, Trump: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails

Man Fleeing From The Law Killed By Dispatched Bulldozer

When a man was running from a neighbor who was trying to mow him down with a slow-moving tractor, the Conservative Tribune said that he reminded them of Autin Powers. Little did they know that on the same day, 6ABC reported that in Pennsylvania, a man fleeing from the law was run over by a

Contempt of Congress: Why Take it Seriously When Congress Does Not?

Congress has held others in contempt, and then nothing was done about it. It’s like Congress does not take this seriously, and then expects that others will? Former Attorney General Eric Holder was found to be in Contempt of Congress, so was Lois Lerner – what happened after they were found in contempt? A big