FDA goes paramilitary, now revealed to own 390 pistols, 122 shotguns and 200,000 rounds of ammunition… while pushing toxic vaccines and deadly chemotherapy on children

(Natural News) A recent report led by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has revealed that government groups like the IRS and the FDA are armed to teeth. All told, 20 federal agencies managed to spend at least $ 1.5 billion on munitions in just seven years. Now, many are wondering what the federal government plans

Significant Weekend Snow Storm Expected To Batter Northeast

A series of winter storms traversing the country will bring significant snow and ice to the Midwest and Northeast this weekend followed by an ice storm that could paralyze travelers. Approximately 100 million people are currently under a winter storm watch, warning or advisory across the US. Travel has already been disrupted, with 500 flights canceled as of Friday

Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world… the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter

(Natural News) An urgent alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world. New information has come to light that indicates the “final solution” of the globalist agenda to destroy America and enslave its citizens is drawing near. The entire corporate-run media is a fact-free mental poisoning operation that fabricates fake news…

If Only We Had Communist Health Care

If we’re looking for good examples of health care systems to follow overseas, why turn to this “poor and repressive” country with “dysfunctional economy”? The Corner | National Review < click to continue reading

Fannie, Freddie Soar On Report They May Be Released From Government Control

Reviving an age-old debate whether the insolvent, bailed-out zombies GSEs, Fannie and Freddie will emerge from conservatorship, the shares of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac soared Friday amid reports that the Trump Administration is working on proposal that would likely recommend that the mortgage-finance giants be released from government control as part of a broader

The Grim Reality of 5G

by Samuel Di Gangi The world of technology has come quite a long way in the ten to fifteen years that it has been since many of us were listening to the modem screech and buzz while waiting to connect online to see if “YOU GOT MAIL.”  Now, DJ’s can stream music right from the

Depression: Another side effect of toxic vaccinations?

(Natural News) If it seems like a lot of people you know are suffering from depression, it’s probably not your imagination: The World Health Organization reports that roughly 300 million people around the world are dealing with the disorder, and other studies show that 16.2 million American adults experienced a major depressive episode at least…

On the Care of Small Babies

Babies who would once have been written off are now saved. Because a civilized country will make heroic efforts to protect lives. The Corner | National Review < click to continue reading

Sesame oil found to protect the heart from disease

(Natural News) Cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of mortality worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that these diseases account for as much as 17.9 million deaths every year, which is approximately 31 percent of all global deaths. These numbers highlight the need for remedies that can safely and effectively protect the heart from disease. Scientists have searched…

REPORT: US Agents Arrest Deported ‘Child Sex Offender’ Traveling with ‘Caravan Families’

REPORT: US Agents Arrest Deported ‘Child Sex Offender’ Traveling with ‘Caravan Families’ Customs and Border Patrol Agents arrested a previously deported “child sex offender” at the US-Mexico border in Arizona this week; confirming the 37-year-old migrant was traveling alongside “caravan families.” “Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents were able to apprehend a previously deported child

Separating Truth From Fiction In China’s Golden Game Of Poker

Submitted by Ronan Manly, BullionStar.com This month the Chinese central bank reported that in December 2018, its gold reserve holdings increased by 10 tonnes, the first claimed increase in Chinese monetary gold holdings since October 2016. Based on previous patterns reporting patterns, a two year hiatus in reporting gold holdings is not unprecedented for the Chinese

The Changing Campus Climate

That left-wing intolerance for speech on campus has been rising is probably obvious to most Corner readers, but there has been a concerted effort to deny the phenomenon. The Corner | National Review < click to continue reading

Facebook Is Now Censoring Talk About Politics And Religion At Work

It’s not just social media users that are being censored, now its social media employees. According to a new report by Business Insider, citing an internal company memo, Facebook is now telling its employees what they can, and can’t, talk about at work. Business Insider reviewed an internal company memo where Facebook’s CTO claims to have

NANCY DENIED! President Trump Seizes Pelosi’s Aircraft, Cancels ‘Foreign Trip’ Over Shutdown

NANCY DENIED! President Trump Seizes Pelosi’s Aircraft, Cancels ‘Foreign Trip’ Over Shutdown President Trump abruptly “postponed” Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s planned foreign trip Thursday; saying he was “sorry to inform” the left-wing leader that her overseas excursion would be “rescheduled” over the government shutdown. “President Trump on Thursday appeared to deny military aircraft to House Speaker

Marine Le Pen Says Leaving The Euro “No Longer A Priority”

Though they have calmed somewhat since they first erupted late last year, the Yellow Vest protests are set to continue this week as French President Emmanuel Macron’s offerings of olive branches in the form of rolling back a planned gas-tax hike (the original impetus for the protests), promising to blow out the deficit to offer

Breast cancer risk skyrockets when you gain weight

(Natural News) Losing weight doesn’t just make you look and feel good. It can significantly improve your overall health, and according to a study, it might even lower the cancer risk of postmenopausal women. The study was published in CANCER, the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) peer-reviewed journal. The link between postmenopausal weight loss and breast cancer risk…

United States Doesn’t Even Make Top 20 On Global Democracy Index

Authored by Andrea Germanos via CommonDreams.org, Nation classified as a “flawed democracy”… A new index released this week offers a sobering look at how democracy is faring in the United States. According to the 2018 edition of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, the U.S. doesn’t even make the list of top 20—its demonstrably “flawed democracy”

Justifying The Deeds Of The Damned

Justifying the Deeds of the Damned   “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”   First scripture found in the satanic bible written by the black pope Anton LaVey   I just finished watching a documentary this week on a famous singer who died in the not too far past. Throughout

Snowmageddon Threatens Northeast This Weekend

Winter Storm Harper will become a major snowstorm from the Great Plains to the Midwest and Northeast Friday into the weekend, according to The Weather Channel. A blast of Arctic air will return to the nation’s northern tier starting Thursday. The storm system entered the West Coast Wednesday will collide into that frigid air once it reaches central and eastern states Friday through

Science CONFIRMS it: Vaccines spread measles

(Natural News) While public health agencies, conventional doctors, and pro-vaccine fanatics would have us all believe that getting jabbed provides absolute protection against the contraction and spread of infectious disease, research published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that this absolutely is not the case. Focusing specifically on…

YOU’RE GROUNDED: Trump Tells Pelosi to ‘Fly Commercial’ During Government Shutdown

YOU’RE GROUNDED: Trump Tells Pelosi to ‘Fly Commercial’ During Government Shutdown President Trump abruptly canceled Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s foreign visit Thursday; instructing the leading Democrat to “fly commercial” should she choose to travel overseas. “Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative,” said the president’s