Samsung announces funky midrange Galaxy A7 with triple rear camera setup

Samsung has given us a September surprise with the announcement of its latest Galaxy A7, a mid-range smartphone with outstanding photographic capabilities thanks to no less than three rear-facing cameras and an impressive 24-megapixel, f/2.0 selfie camera to boot. .. Continue Reading Samsung announces funky midrange Galaxy A7 with triple rear camera setup Category: Mobile

New Cruz ad: Can you believe O’Rourke is siding with the guy who got shot by a cop in his own home for no reason?

He’s getting creamed for this, justifiably, and not only by liberals. The best part is the presented-without-comment framing, as though O’Rourke had been caught denying the Holocaust or saying something so similarly outlandish that no explanation is needed for why it should offend you. In Beto O'Rourke's own words #TXSenateDebate — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz)

Commerce Secretary Ordered To Testify

President Donald Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross must take four hours out of his busy schedule to cater to Democrat whims after an order was issued Friday by left-leaning Southern District of New York Federal Judge Jesse Furman. Ross will be compelled to sit for a deposition where he will be interrogated relentlessly over his

Christine Ford meets deadline by not agreeing to terms

The deadline for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys to answer the Senate’s invitation to come and testify on Monday was 2:30 pm eastern time today. Just under the wire, an answer was received, but it wasn’t much of an answer at all. The first hint I saw of the non-answer came from Manu Raju on

Ford’s Lawyers Issue New Demands Before Agreeing To Testify

Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her almost 40 years ago, has agreed to testify in Congress, but there’s a huge catch. According to Fox News, Ford’s legal team has informed Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, that she will only consider testifying if

Iran is sounding a lot like North Korea did two years ago

The saber rattling coming out of Iran this week is growing louder and becoming very reminiscent of some other authoritarian rulers we’ve come to know. In case you missed it, there was a terror attack in Iran this morning in the western city of Ahvaz and it was a significant one. A military parade was

From Maria to Kavanaugh – Dems Bet it all on Outrage

By Joe Schaeffer Because they have adamantly refused to learn any lessons at all from their painful 2016 presidential defeat, the breathtakingly shortsighted politicians of the left insist on doubling down on their mistakes as they gallop headlong toward the precipice of total irrelevance. A complicit media should be a powerful weapon in their arsenal,

ORWELLIAN: Apple monitors your phone calls and emails, then calculates a “trust score” just like the communist Chinese government… it’s happening NOW, in America

(Natural News) If you value privacy and freedom, it may be time to ditch your iPhone (if you haven’t already). Thanks to some clever fine print, Apple is now granting itself the right to monitor users’ phone calls and emails. What is the massive left-wing tech company doing with this information? Generating “trust ratings” for…

iPhone XR, XS and XS Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Last week Apple announced its three iPhones for 2018 – the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. And while the temptation to jump right onto the newest shiny thing might be hard to resist, maybe now is the time to pick up one of its rival flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. If you’re

GREGG JARRETT: Rosenstein’s ‘COUP ATTEMPT’ Cannot Go Unpunished

GREGG JARRETT: Rosenstein’s ‘COUP ATTEMPT’ Cannot Go Unpunished The New York Times stunned Americans on both sides of the political aisle Friday afternoon, publishing a bombshell exposé that claims Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested “secretly recording” President Trump and using the material to remove him from office. Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett slammed the revelations

The Left’s Unfunny War On Comedy

Jimmy Fallon’s retreat won’t save him. And neither will Norm MacDonald’s apology. No matter how much Fallon attacks Trump, he has never been forgiven for his original sin of not being one of the mob. Sons of Liberty Media

BREAKING: Advisor To Christine Blasey Ford and Dem Operative, Who Specializes In “Reputation Management” Reveals Plot To Take Down Judge Kavanaugh

Ricki Seidman, who has a history of working for male politicians who either grope little girls, have been accused of raping women, or even better… The post BREAKING: Advisor To Christine Blasey Ford and Dem Operative, Who Specializes In “Reputation Management” Reveals Plot To Take Down Judge Kavanaugh appeared first on

Will Christianity Survive in a Secular Culture?

By Mark Angelides Suppression, persecution, ridicule, denigration: the tools used to oppose those who follow the Christian faith. It is said that politics is downstream from culture, and in many ways this adage holds true, yet tides change, and floods occur; sometimes there’s backwash. Christianity has historically shaped Western politics, and now in return, politics

YouGov/HuffPost poll: One in four find Kavanaugh allegation credible

Perhaps this measures just how different life is outside of the political/media bubble. While senators and political observers have quickly settled into fixed positions on the question of allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, nearly half of the American public has yet to determine whether it has any credibility, according to a new YouGov/HuffPost poll. Only 26%

Chris Cillizza: Cory Booker’s groping incident is totally different, you guys

CNN’s Chris Cillizza is worth reading because he often presents, albeit sometimes unintentionally, the unspoken assumptions of the mainstream left, including most journalists. Today’s Cillizza column is like a master’s class in unacknowledged bias. Before we get to Chris, you may have heard that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault. The incident

Kavanaugh Family Threatened, Federal Agents Take Action

In July, when President Donald Trump, the lawfully elected President of the United States of America, nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the seat on the United States Supreme Court vacated by Anthony Kennedy, it is unlikely that he could have predicted the circus that has since occurred. Leftists have made a mockery of the confirmation process.

‘Canadian’ Student Pilot From Trinidad Attempts Airbus Heist

The Daily Mail has reported that Nishal Sankat, 22, tried to steal a plane in Florida, and terrorism teams were called. The technology student from Trinidad was arrested and charged with “criminal attempt to steal an aircraft” after he “accessed an American Airlines plane” and needed to be physically tackled by workers at the Orlando Melbourne International

Three Babies And Two Adults Knifed In NY Daycare

In New York City, New York, a daycare attack has left infants with stab wounds, as Fox News confirmed. Three babies, the youngest being only three-days-old, were among five stabbing victims “at an unlicensed New York City day care,” police said. A fifty-two-year-old worker at the center was arrested for the horrific crimes. She herself

Robotic gliders train themselves to soar on thermals

Researchers from the University of California (UC) San Diego have created robotic gliders that literally fly like an eagle. Using a form of machine intelligence called reinforcement learning, the gliders learned through experience, like birds, how to exploit updrafts of warm air to soar to altitudes of up to 700 m (2,300 ft). .. Continue

Live Updates at the Fight for a British Future

By Mark Angelides Liberty nation is on the ground in the U.K. covering the annual conference of United Kingdom Independence Party. For those that don’t know, UKIP is the British insurgent party that forced the government to hold the Brexit referendum that arguably began the right-leaning populist movement that spread across the globe. Formerly headed

US Navy looks to head-up displays for combat divers

The US Navy has a new Head-Up Display (HUD) for combat divers that works even in zero-visibility conditions. Developed by James Fisher and Sons (JFS) and the US Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Centre – Panama City Division (NSWC PCD), Shadow NAV is a visor projector that mounts on a standard diver’s half-mask to provide hands-free

Beto O’Rourke: Police Bringing Back Jim Crow

By Jeff Charles It is truly amazing that leftist leaders can brazenly condescend to minorities while insisting that it is conservatives who are racist. At times, they address members of their victimhood class in ways that are condescending and obnoxious, but for some reason, they get away with it. Beto O’ Rourke Recently, Beto O’

Are your clothes toxic? Avoid these synthetic fabrics at all costs

(Natural News) It’s alarming how toxins can easily be picked up from basically anywhere. In fact, these health hazards are so prevalent that they’re even found in the clothes you wear. It’s really nothing new, since clothes are manufactured in factories and go through different processes before hitting the markets. Moreover, the type of fabric used…