Rheumatologist: Significant Vaccine Injuries Now Reported in 40% of Patients, With a 12-Fold Mortality Increase

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05/03/2022 / By Lance D Johnson

Robert Jackson, a rheumatologist with 35 years of experience, has never seen anything like this in his career. Approximately 40 percent of his fully-vaccinated patients now report significant injuries from the experimental COVID vaccines. Many of the injuries involve newly-diagnosed blood clotting disorders.

Even though the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is capturing record levels of vaccine injuries post COVID vaccination, the numbers do not reflect the shocking 40 percent adverse event rate being reported by Dr. Jackson. This is because vaccine injuries are being normalized. Doctors blindly trust that the vaccines are safe, and they refuse to follow up and report the vaccine injuries that occur in their patients. This is why only one percent of vaccine reactions are reported to VAERS in the first place, according to studies.

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