Save the Date! On November 14, 2019, vaccine safety advocates are gathering on the National Mall to raise awareness about vaccine dangers

by Ethan Huff

This upcoming Thursday marks the 33rd anniversary of the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NVCIA), which exempts the vaccine industry from all liability associated with injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. And in honor of the tens of thousands of children who’ve fallen victim to these liability-free vaccines, thousands of vaccine truth advocates are gathering on the National Mall in Washington, DC, to raise awareness about vaccine risks, as well as to pay homage to those whose lives have been destroyed by vaccines.

Marked as a “Day of Remembrance,” this event on November 14, 2019, is officially called the Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event, or VIE. It will feature physicians, scientists, lawyers, legislators, educators, human rights advocates, and mothers of vaccine-injured children who will boldly speak on behalf of those who can’t because they’re either permanently injured or dead as a result of having been jabbed in accordance with government health policies.

Organized by a non-profit group called “CrazyMothers,” VIE is aimed at raising awareness about the fact that CDC-recommended vaccines are not as safe and effective as government officials claim they are. It also aims to give a voice to the voiceless, including innocent children who are now permanently disabled or buried in the ground as a result of getting vaccinated with government-licensed and recommended vaccines.

“I started CrazyMothers as a way to unite mothers who are at home all day every day with their severely vaccine-injured children,” says Hillary Simpson, founder of CrazyMothers. “My inspiration for VIE was to have one day where they could show up, be heard, and help shed light on the vast number of families affected by vaccine injury.” < click to continue reading

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