Selina Dagdag: 29-Year-old Filipino Sports Reporter and Newlywed Has Post-Injection Miscarriage, Diagnosed With Uterine Cancer

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Mrs. Selena Dagdag-Alas.

MAKATI CITY — A 29-year-old newlywed, sports reporter and product pitch woman has experienced the ultimate highs and debilitating lows in life all in a matter of 19 months.

Mrs. Selena DagDag-Alas is a courtside reporter for the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). She’s worked as a sports and news reporter since at least 2014 based on her Instagram history. Mrs. DagDag-Alas started working at CNN Philippines on May 2, 2016 where she covered elections and other news. She also started covering the PBA later that year. There are photos of her with ESPN 5 microphones as well. But perhaps the greatest moment in her young career came in the summer of 2017.

Mrs. Dagdag-Alas was a PBA sideline reporter for One Sports. She was doing a post-game interview with NLEX Road Warriors guard Kevin Alas. Mr. Alas’ teammates apparently knew that he had a crush on Mrs. Dagdag-Alas. They kept smiling at each other until Mr. Alas leaned in and kissed Mrs. Dagdag-Alas on the cheek. < continue reading & to watch video