Shannon Olsen: 22-Year-old Wisconsin Newlywed Healthcare Worker Says Having Only Two Seizures is a “Good Day” in The 10 Months Since Second Pfizer mRNA Injection

Mrs. Shannon Olsen

NIAGARA, WISCONSIN — A 22-year-old respiratory therapist and newlywed did everything by the proverbial book to live her American dream. Now she’ll live with neurological disorders for the rest of her life.

Facebook for Generation Z and young Millennials is like watching child actors grow up in front of our eyes on long-running television shows in the 80s. Mrs. Shannon Olsen posted her first Facebook photo on January 21, 2012 when she was just 11 years old. Like many Wisconsin kids, she posted several photos at Green Bay Packers and University of Wisconsin football games over the years. She also posted many photos with friends and families during that 10-year stretch. < continue reading

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