Somebody Is Getting Fired: New PrePrint Study Showing Non-Vaccinated Less Likely To Be Hospitalized Is Republished on, Then Quickly Taken Down

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COVID-19 is the largest and the most comprehensive psychological operation in human history. Narratives are meticulously controlled. Propaganda is persistent. Fear is key to the success of this psy-op. But ultimately mainstream media propaganda channels are run by humans who either experience mea culpas or simply make critical errors that could potentially awaken the lambs. Microsoft is now cleaning up one of those errors that caused major upheaval among vaxx zealots.

The Control Group Cooperative (CGC) was formed in July 2021. The founders recognized that traditional research universities and organizations refuse to do studies comparing the health of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated populations. Dr. Robert Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health International, led a team that analyzed the CGC data, that currently includes over 305,000 non-vaccinated study participants in 175 countries. They are all provided ID cards that identify them as clinical subjects and thus “must not be vaccinated.” < continue reading & to watch videos