by Ben Garrison

We’ve all heard Biden’s mumbled phrase, ‘Build Back Better.’ Building back implies something is broken, but many things were still working under President Trump. Our southern border was under control. A wall was being built. The country was energy self-sufficient. There were jobs and a free flow of goods. The price of gas at the pumps was the lowest it had been in years. A pipeline was being built. There was some semblance of law and order. Trump chucked the climate change bunk and eliminated the trans nonsense from our military.

In order to build back better, Biden and his socialist Democrats must first destroy. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing. Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline. He ended the wall, left our southern border wide open and encouraged millions to flow into our country. He humiliated America with the Afghanistan withdraw and left billions in equipment to the Taliban and called it a success. He apologized to the globalists and got back on board with the climate change scam. Gas prices skyrocketed. Ports were blocked. Crime skyrocketed. Gender dysphoria was encouraged. Highways are racist and must be destroyed. Biden and his laughable cabinet are more than incompetent. They’re intentionally destroying America in order to build it back with socialist tyranny.

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