Sunday Afternoon Digest: Touching Ground Soil Causes Heart Attacks, Updates on Injured Vaxx Zealots, a UPS Driver Dies on His Delivery Route, And More

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There’s so much going on in this twilight zone world that it’s difficult to keep up on reporting. We know young and relatively-young (under age 50) people are dropping dead by the thousands daily because of the injections. We know that mainstream media and government must deflect and distract from this obvious, out-in-the-open global genocide. It’s heavy stuff. Thus a little sugar on the cornflakes makes it all a bit easier to swallow.

Most of you know that this blogger is a nostalgic type of guy. And one thing he looked forward to every week in the 1980s was the Sunday edition of newspapers, except for those years of delivering them “in six feet of snow.” You know you’re getting old when you start repeating things that your parents used to say.

Those thick, ad-filled Sunday papers summed up news from the previous week, and look ahead to the forthcoming weeks. That’s the goal today in this first Sunday Afternoon Digest on The COVID Blog™. < continue reading