Sweeping Democrat victory in Virginia linked to Big Tech’s illegal censorship of conservatives?

by JD Heyes

The results from Tuesday’s elections are in and it’s now obvious: The Democratic Left’s takeover of Virginia — once home to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson — is now complete.

The party won control over both chambers of the Legislature, and with racist Democratic Gov. Ralph “Blackface Infanticide” Northam still in office as well, the Old Dominion is about to be completely transformed into an authoritarian, over-taxed, gun-regulated haven that would have made King George very proud.

Some political analysts say this transformation was a long time coming, that because northern Virginia has been an expanding suburb of Washington, D.C., where something like 90 percent of residents are Democrats, it was inevitable that the state would turn from purple to blue.

But others see a more sinister reason behind the transformation. 

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft claims that suburban voters in Virginia have been robbed of any and all conservative content because it’s been stripped from news feeds on the country’s biggest social media platforms.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have also limited or completely banned scores of Right-leaning blogs and news sites.

We don’t know if his assessment is accurate, of course, because again, Virginia has been a purple state for years and trending blue anyway, long before the social media behemoths began censoring his publication and ours. 

But overall, we can’t simply dismiss the assessment either. Given how much Americans rely on social media for interaction and information, limiting the political news content users see by punishing conservatives would certainly be a help to Democrats.

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