Technoblade: Popular 23-Year-old YouTuber Announces he Has Cancer, Tells 11 Million Fans to Get Vaccinated, Dies 10 Months Later

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Mr. Alexander Marshall Gray-Spight, aka Technoblade.

SAN FRANCISCO — A 23-year-old semi-anonymous YouTube star is dead, after what appears to be another case of cancer exacerbated by the injections.

The subject of this article is known as “Technoblade” on YouTube. It was officially revealed in the last 24 hours that his real first name is Alex. No surname has been officially revealed. But a Technoblade fan and self-identified friend wrote us and said Technoblade’s full name is Alexander Marshall Gray-Spight.

He went to Carlmont High School in Belmont, California, about 25 miles south of downtown San Francisco. He said in a September 2019 video that he dropped out of college to be a full-time YouTuber. Technoblade is a self-described atheist. < continue reading & to watch videos