The Great Reset Hastens Medical Industry Demise, With Tennessee Nurse RaDonda Vaught Sentencing This Week For Felony Medical Homicide

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Those of you who brought children into this world and refused to subject them to experimental gene therapy, congratulations. You are solid human beings and exemplary parents. But your children (and you) still face very uncertain futures. Most of your children’s friends will be dead or on the “Pfizer spectrum” with debilitating heart disease, neurological disorders, blood clots, AIDS, or worse in the next two years. U.S. children have already endured two years of mask dystopia. That’s only the beginning of The Great Reset.

We’ve already chronicled numerous chicken farms and processing plants being burnt to the ground since 2020. Now yesterday, Georgia-based Wayne Farms recalled 585,000 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken breast due to the product being under-cooked. Last week, a large Jones County, Mississippi chicken farm burned to the ground. Two reports said all the chickens were destroyed. The Great Reset administrators are eliminating chicken and eggs from our diets. Chicken will either be too cost prohibitive for average people or available only through personal farming within the next 4-5 years at this rate. < continue reading & to watch videos