The Threat Posed By Child Protective Services

by Sam Di Gangi

People often ask, “How could Adolph Hilter have fooled so many Germans?  How could he have drawn so many otherwise intelligent people into his desires, and won them towards his vile ways?” The truth is that he did not lure in all of the old and the wise – many of them were actually put to death. Yes, the German dictator had a large number of adult followers, but his true evil was manifest only after he had captured the minds of the children, something that was done due to the near-mandatory involvement of minors in The Hitler Youth and the League Of German Girls.

Capturing the rapt attention of children and filling their heads with the will, whims, and notions of society’s controllers, and selling these often false notions as “true,” has long been the goal of many nefarious governments.  Unfortunately, that foul practice has not diminished in modern times. As Breitbart News recently reported, a major authoritative overreach occurred in Chandler, Arizona, when officers ” kicked down a family’s front door” in order to “take their children, after a doctor reported that one of them had a fever.”

Video (seen below) shows Chandler Police with their guns drawn, easily kicking down a door, and invading a family home for reasons which seem sketchy at best. Details show that the fever that the child had suffered had broken, and there was no reason to take the child to the E.R.  The doctor, who she had seen prior, had not known this truth, and a chain of events led to meddling where it was unwarranted. The mother was not even called by the doctor to check on his patient before the door was kicked down.

The parents had chosen to not vaccinate their children, a fact which likely made them a target, much like targets were made of any parent who forbade his or her children from joining The Hitler Youth.

Even Arizona State Rep. Kelly Townsend confessed, “This is not the country that I recognize” when seeing the revolting footage. 

How often does this kind of injustice takes place?  Type in “CPS over reach”  on Google, and over 40,000 articles will be found.  Even if some are repeats of the same story, this is a staggering number in the supposed “land of the free.” Worse still, many sources contain multiple examples of this travesty. alone points to 5 stories where children were removed from the home without ample cause. Even the mainstream Washington Post has posted stories about the “criminalization of parenthood.”

In July of 2015, there was one story about a family, that in June, had faced felony charges for allowing their 11-year-old to play basketball unattended, while his parents were stuck in traffic. Children Protective Services removed the child from the home over this.  In another story, nosy neighbors reported children playing only two blocks from their own home, and CPS had them taken away.

This begs the question: What can parents or legal guardians do if their child/children are ripped away by what amounts to modern era “gestapo-ism?”  Sadly, in most cases, it can be expensive to get justice, due in part to the revoltingly high court costs. Even winning a case can bankrupt a family, particularly those with little money to start with.  In some cases, it seems that the parents have to prove their innocence, a total inversion of American justice.

The website Free Range Kids not only lays out local laws and has staff available to often answer questions, but they also show how to raise children safely, while still allowing them a bit of freedom to grow.

Then again, the fact such a site would even need to exist (in as much as it does to help shield parents from the intruding grip of C.P.S.) shows how prevalent the heavy hand of needless authority has become.  Certainly, protecting children from sexual abuse, physical abuse, or things of that nature is vital. However, this is not what is being seen. Children are being taken away from parents for trivial things like parental pot use, allowing children to walk home alone, and deciding what age is proper for babysitting. If more backbone was shown by parents and others in this area, as in most areas where authoritative overreach exists, there would be a diminishing of such cases. The power to raise children would be left to the decisions of the parents once again.

This is an issue which needs to be addressed, and addressed sooner rather than later.  If not, while there may not be a mandatory “Hitler Youth” group to join, there will be  mandates to follow…and parents, like it or not, will have to either stand up and fight, or suffer the consequences.

Samuel Earl Di Gangi is a writer, political commentator, graphic artist, DJ, and musician with a strong pro-Libertarian & pro-Christian lean. He is the curator of “The Correct Views”, or “TCV”, which is a member show of the newsgroup “The Media Speaks”.  

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