Tiffany Dover Instagram Hacker Demands $2,000 to Reveal Private Messages, as we Chronicle 10 More Sudden Deaths of Young People

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The above image is forever etched in our collective minds. It is also a perpetual bane on the entire COVID-19 and vaccine narratives.

Nobody has seen or heard from Ms. Tiffany Pontes Dover since she passed out on live TV moments after receiving a Pfizer mRNA injection on December 17, 2020. She briefly re-appeared on camera after collapsing, and told the world that she passes out all the time despite being an ER nurse that sees blood, guts, vomit, etc. on a daily basis.

The fake Tiffany Dover video a few days later was an insult to critical thinkers’ intelligence. The recent NBC News propaganda podcast by “disinformation expert” Brandy Zadrozny also insulted the intelligence of critical thinkers. The podcast was such an embarrassment that the NBC News YouTube channel only uploaded the first two of six episodes after the first one received a 12-to-1 dislikes to likes ratio. Note that Chrome and Firefox have plugins that makes YouTube dislikes visible. < continue reading & to watch video